Why East-Facing Window Is the Best for Chinese Money Plants?

I’ve been searching and wondering what would be the right window for my Chinese money plant. From many trials and errors, I finally find out that the east-facing window is the best for Pilea peperomioides.  I hope my effort will help you and release you wondering about what to do with your pilea. 

The sun shines directly into your window from early to mid-morning. This exposure provides medium light and is perfect for Chinese money plants that require an east-facing window. East facing window helps to the timing of style elongation and pollen emergence, pollinator visitation, and plant fitness.

East-facing windows are best for plants that need medium light and can handle indirect sunlight. Plants in pots or containers should be placed on the window sill, not direct sunlight.

The east-facing window also affects microclimate and pollinator interactions.

Where to Place the Pilea Peperomioides

Like most indoor plants, the idea is to place the Pilea peperomioides is a very bright location where it does not receive direct sunlight, as it could burn its leaves. In addition, the plant should be placed near a window in order to receive the right amount of light.

Most plants lean towards where the light comes from – this is why they are often seen leaning against a window or doorway. You can rotate the pot very slowly and gradually. When you are rotating a pot of indoor plants, be sure to rotate it slowly and gradually. Doing so can help avoid stressing the plant unnecessarily.

Is an East-Facing Window Good for Chinese Money Plants?

East windows are often good for plants that need some light but not as strong sunlight. This is because the rays of the morning sun pass through east windows more easily than they do other windows, providing them with enough light to grow their plants.

East windows are often good for plants that need moderate sunlight or morning sunlight only.

When it comes to the Chinese Money Plant, there is definitely a balance you must find. Too much direct sunlight can damage the plant, while too little light can make them quite straggly.

If you’re looking for an interesting spot for the Chinese Money Plant, close to the east-facing window may be a great option. However, too much direct sunlight or light can make the leaves turn yellow and burn.

Too little light and the plant will turn brown and develop sparse leaves, while too much sun will kill it off.

How to Decide If an East-Facing Window Is Good for Your Money Plant?

There are a few things you need to consider before making the decision to add an east-facing window to your money plant. First, make sure that your money plant is compatible with an east-facing window. 

Second, determine how much light the windows will allow. If your money plant prefers less light, then you may want to avoid adding an east-facing window. However, if your money plant loves bright sunlight, then you should go for it! Third, make sure that the size of the east-facing window is suitable for your money plant.

Is an East-Facing Window Indirect Light?

East-Facing Window for Indirect Sunlight

East-facing windows offer a brief window of morning sunlight before the heat of the day and then indirect light from the long afternoon.

East-facing windows are an ideal source of warm, indirect light

How Many Hours of Sun Does an East-Facing Window Get?

When it comes to direct sunlight, you will get a lot of it through your eastern windows. However, don’t worry! This is still a sleepy sun and it’s gentle – so plants enjoy this kind of treatment. If they are southeast directed though, however, you’ll struggle to get much light. In summer,  the rays will only last for 6-7 hours instead of 5-6 hours like in winter.

You will get long hours of sunshine during the summer if you live in an eastern-facing window. This means that the sun will be shining for the majority of the day in your window, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. 

What Is the Ideal Temperature for Pilea Peperomioides?

Pilea peperomioides can thrive in warm environments (15 to 21°C), but it doesn’t tolerate very low temperatures ( below 10°C ) or high temperatures above 28°C. In dry climates, it is recommended to spray the leaves and the top layer of the substrate with water so that it stays hydrated during hotter months.

What Are the Benefits of East-Facing Light for Chinese Money Plants?

Some benefits of east-facing light for money plants include:

  • They grow faster in darkness.
  • They produce more flowers in the dark.
  • They are easier to water.
  • They are less likely to get sick.

How Should You Determine the Level of Light for Your Money Plant?

There are a few ways to determine the level of light for your money plant. You can use a light meter from amazon.com to measure the amount of light coming in from the sky. You can also use a grow light system at amazon.com to adjust the light level. Finally, you can test the plants using an east-facing light or a west-facing light.

How to Ensure That Your Money Plant Is Receiving the Necessary Light?

One important factor to consider is the plant’s size. If the plant is small, it might not require as much light. However, if the plant is larger, it might need more light. 

Can We Put Chinese Money Plants in Direct Sunlight?

Direct Sunlight on Chinese Money Plant

The key to growing a money plant is to make sure it has enough light. If you put it in direct sunlight, the plant will dry out and die. This is why you should not put money plants in direct sunlight.

Chinese Money plants generally don’t grow well in direct sunlight. One should remember that scorching rays can burn the leaves! This plant needs a partially sunny or shady area to thrive. It can be grown outdoors or inside, but it prefers light conditions with plenty of suns.

Is an East-Facing Window Full Sun?

 For simplicity, this is how windows are categorized for light availability assuming there are no obstructions:

  • Low Light – North-facing windows
  • Medium Light – East or West facing windows
  • Bright Light – South-facing window

What Is the Name of East-Facing Window Plants?

The best east-facing window plants include

  1.  heartleaf philodendron,
  2. moth orchid, 
  3. Japanese fatsia, 
  4. fiddle leaf fig, 
  5. hoya plant, 
  6. calathea, 
  7. umbrella tree,
  8.  dracaena fragrans, and
  9.  parlor palm.

 These plants prefer bright indirect morning sun and will thrive well when placed near an east-facing window.

Wrap It Up

Never put your favorite pilea into direct sunlight. Indirect, bright, and shady sunlight is the best for Chinese money plants. Don’t place it in your kitchen window because of hot indoor temperature. Alongside, keep your room temperature moderate.



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