What Liquor Is Made from Blue Agave Cactus Mash?

What Liquor Is Made from Blue Agave Cactus Mash?

What Is Tequila? How to Drink Tequila

Tequila is a distilled liquor that is brewed from a plant called agave and has a higher alcohol content. The common way to drink tequila is to add salt and lemon, lick a little salt first, then drink a sip of agave, take a bite of lemon, and have a unique flavor.

Tequila is produced in Mexico and is a distilled liquor made from a cactus plant called Agave. The area of ​​Tequila in Tequila City is the area with the best quality for Maguey tequila, and only tequila produced in this area is allowed to be sold in the name of Tequila; Equila is called Mezcal. Tequila has a fierce taste and a unique aroma.

There are many ways to drink tequila:

Tequila Pure Drink

First, put the tequila in your mouth, and when your tongue is slightly numb, slowly swallow it, you will enter a state of selflessness.

Tequila + Salt + Lemon

It is to pinch a slice of a lemon wedge in the left hand, put a little salt on the tiger’s mouth of the palm, lick the salt first, drink a small glass of Tequila, and then take a bite of the lemon. , especially in CLUB, it is very cool!

Tequila + Coffee

Scoop a spoonful of uncooked coffee (ground into powder) with a small spoon, one sip of coffee, and one sip of wine for a unique flavor.

Tequila + Ice

After a few sips, there was a strange sensation of an explosion happening in the body.

Is Tequila Liquor, What kind of Liquor are Tequila Cocktails

Tequila is one of the most famous wines in the world. Many people have heard of tequila but do not know much about it and ask whether tequila is white wine or what kind of wine is tequila. First of all, we should know that tequila is not a type of wine but a type of alcohol made from blue agave plants that are native to Arizona, Baja California Norte, and Baja California Sur in Mexico.

In fact, tequila is a kind of distilled alcoholic beverage produced from the blue agave plant in Mexico. Its alcohol content by volume reaches 40% to 45%, and it is known as “Mexico’s national liquor.”

Is Tequila a Liquor?

Tequila and Chinese baijiu have a lot in common, but tequila is not baijiu. Tequila is from Mexico and is made from a cactus called tequila, also called tequila! It is a strong liquor, similar to white wine! But there are also many differences.

Tequila is the national wine of Mexico. It is a spirit made by fermenting and twice-distilling the juice of a plant called agave.

The alcohol content of the finished product is mostly 40-50% vol; while liquor is mostly made of grains. Or potato and other starch-rich raw materials are cooked and gelatinized, saccharified, fermented with koji, and then distilled and aged.

The spirits are generally colorless, hence the name liquor and the alcohol content of the finished product is mostly 38-56% vol.


1. The raw materials are different (agave – agave as raw material, liquor – food as raw material).

2, the production process is different.

Different origins (Tequila-Mexico, Liquor-China).

3. The alcohol content is different (about 40 degrees for agave and 34-58 degrees for liquor).

The same thing: they are all distilled spirits.

What Is Agave? What Is Whisky? What Is the Difference Between Tequila and Whisky?

Tequila and whisky are two relatively expensive wines, and I believe everyone should have heard of them in daily life. Of course, most people’s understanding of these two kinds of wines basically stays at the knowledge that they are just two kinds, and they basically don’t know much about the brewing and origin of these two kinds of wines. 

1. What is Agave

Tequila refers to tequila, which originated in Mexico and is a distilled spirit. Tequila was gradually known to the world when the games were held in Mexico and later spread widely. Tequila is often used to make a variety of different cocktails, and it tastes great.

2. What is Whisky

Whiskey refers to whisky, which is a strong distilled spirit brewed from wheat with a higher degree of concentration. Many Western countries produce this wine, and because of different origins, whiskeys in different places are different and have their own characteristics. Of course, since Scotch whisky has the longest history known at present, it is generally believed that Scotland is the birthplace of whisky.

The difference between tequila and whisky

1. The difference in raw materials.

Tequila is made from Mexican agave grass, while whiskey is made from wheat.

2. The difference in taste,

Tequila is slightly tart, rounder, and softer, with coffee notes; whiskey is more fruity and sometimes corny and vanilla.

3. Differences in origin

Tequila has the only place of origin in Mexico and is recognized as a fruit wine by the Mexicans. Whiskey is produced in many places, including the United States, Scotland, Ireland, etc., and the taste of the wine produced in different countries is also different.

4. difference in drinking

Tequila is often used to make various cocktails and is one of the commonly used base wines for cocktails. Whiskey is generally consumed straight and not mixed with other wines.

How Much Is Tequila

Tequila is one of the eight major spirits in the world. Its original meaning is a tall green plant, which resembles a cactus and is a bit like a giant aloe vera. What is really used for making wine is the rhizome of tequila.

How much is a bottle of tequila? The price of the more common tequila generally fluctuates around 100 yuan, and the degree of fluctuation is not large. The better tequila is The price of orchid generally fluctuates from around 1000, around 800 to 1300.

What Color Is Tequila

The color of tequila is white and gold, the difference is whether it has been aged or not. Gold tequila is aged in oak barrels for more than a year, and the color gradually darkens; white tequila is not aged, for Less than 2 months and the color does not change.

What Does Tequila Mean?

Tequila is the national drink of Mexico, known as the soul of Mexico.

In the third century AD, the Indian civilization living in Central America had already discovered the technology of fermentation and winemaking.

They used any source of sugar that could be obtained in life to make wine. The tequila with high sugar content and juicy is natural. The ground becomes the raw material for making wine. Pulque is made from fermented agave juice.

Until conquistadors across the Atlantic brought distilling to the New World, tequila maintained its status as a pure fermented wine. Later, they tried to use distillation to increase the alcohol content of Pulque, and the distilled spirit made from agave was produced. Since this new product successfully replaced wine and became the object of mass consumption by these colonists, it received the name Mezcal wine.

 How to Distinguish True and False Tequila

1. It is stipulated that the label of imported wine must be marked in Chinese. If you find that there is no Chinese logo on the label of the wine bottle when you buy it, it is likely to indicate that it is fake wine.

2. The label of the genuine tequila is clearly written and the outline is good, while the label of the fake wine looks blurred and irregular.

3. The real tequila liquid is golden yellow and looks translucent, while the overall liquid color of the fake tequila is dull and the gloss is relatively poor.

4. The anti-counterfeiting cap on the genuine tequila bottle cap is connected with the cap, while the fake tequila cap is glued on.

5. The anti-counterfeiting logo of genuine tequila can show different patterns at different angles, and the anti-counterfeiting line above can also be torn off. The counterfeit wine anti-counterfeiting signs are dull, and the pattern changes are not obvious from all angles.

6. The metal bottle cap of the genuine tequila is meticulous and tight, and the gloss is also very good. The fake tequila is relatively rough in workmanship, the trademark is also blurred, and the three-dimensional effect is relatively poor.

Tequila is a drink made from agave stems as raw materials. Many Mexicans have a soft spot for this drink. In addition to being used as the base wine to make cocktails, tequila can also be added with ice. Drink in chunks.

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