What Did the Hedgehog Say to the Cactus


Once, there was a little hedgehog who fell in love with a cactus. The little hedgehog came to play with the cactus every day. It thought that the cactus was beautiful, independent and strong, and could survive wonderfully in harsh environments, so he admired it, I also want to take good care of it.

The little hedgehog always goes to the woods to find a lot of fruit, and then returns to the cactus to share with it, and the cactus has always eaten without the fruit. closer.

The relationship between the two became more and more intimate. Even though he knew that the cactus did not need fruit, the little hedgehog would still carry the cactus. The cactus was also very moved, and felt that the little hedgehog was really doing something for them. When the weather is hot, the cactus will try to shade the little hedgehog, and the little hedgehog will hide in the shade of the cactus and eat the fruit greedily. It seems that you don’t have to worry about everything by your side.”


However, the more scorching the sun is, the more difficult it is for the cactus to live. It must sharpen the spines on its body to reduce excessive water loss, and its roots must be pierced deeper to absorb more water. It wants to grow bigger so that its little hedgehogs can stay out of the sun.

The little hedgehog doesn’t understand this. It occasionally hugs the cactus, but it hurts because of the sharp thorns on its body. The little hedgehog occasionally says, “Why can’t you take off your guard when facing me?”

The cactus doesn’t know how to explain to the little hedgehog that the thorns on its body are not a defense, but a kind of survival. After all, when facing the natural enemy camel, the thorns on its body have no self-defense effect, just a little hedgehog. I don’t understand, they all have sharp thorns on their bodies, and they have different functions.


As time goes on, the cactus likes the company of the little hedgehog more and more, and the little hedgehog is more and more eager to embrace the cactus under such a life. The cactus was originally a lonely existence, but it gradually softened because of the little companionship given by the little hedgehog, and gradually longed to embrace and be loved.

Under the request and hope of the little hedgehog, the cactus gradually tried to remove its own thorns so that they could embrace each other better. The little hedgehog would still bring a lot of fruit to the cactus, but the cactus could not enjoy it.

One day the cactus asked, “Can you give me some water to drink?”

The little hedgehog expressed surprise, because cacti have always existed independently and never asked for anything, “But, isn’t it the same when I give you fruit? We all rarely drink water, and eating fruit is a kind of water supplement. .”

The cactus couldn’t explain to the little hedgehog that all they needed was water. Although the little hedgehog gave it what it had, it was not what the cactus wanted. But the cactus likes the little hedgehog and wants to be with the little hedgehog, so it always endures silently and doesn’t ask for anything.


After a long time, the thorns on the cactus are decreasing. The little hedgehog is very happy, always hugging the cactus, thankful that they are getting along better with each other, and the cactus enjoys this hug, but it is painful under the scorching sun. On the one hand, because If you want the hug of the little hedgehog, you have to reduce the thorns, but on the other hand, because of the reduction of the thorns, you can’t keep the water in the body, and it is difficult and painful to survive.

On this day, the little hedgehog was hiding in the shade of the cactus and eating fruit, and encountered a beast. The little hedgehog was afraid of this beast, so he immediately shrank into a ball, and said to the cactus: “Hurry up and harden the thorns on your body, so that It can’t hurt you.” After saying that, the little hedgehog shrank into a thorn ball. Cactus is powerless.

The beast and the little hedgehog have been entangled for a long time. During the period, the cactus is also scarred by their entanglement, but they have no self-protection power, and because of the lack of water for a long time, the tissues on the body are easy to fall off, and it is difficult to grow again due to insufficient water. new organization.

Later, the little hedgehog rolled back to the grove. It said that the place could shelter it better and escape better in the face of wild beasts.

The cactus didn’t say anything. It hoped that the little hedgehog could live a safe and stable life, instead of fighting against the harsh living environment under the scorching sun like it did. It is a lie to say that I am not sad, but Cactus also understands that it is unrealistic to be with the little hedgehog. Neither of them has done anything wrong. Their actual conditions and needs determine that being together is doomed to be a tragedy.


The cactus continued to grow sharp thorns, and the roots became deeper and deeper, and it suddenly realized that it was really stupid to reduce the necessary conditions for its own survival in order to be with whom, because it can give you the one you believe in. All of it is not necessarily exactly what you need, it may be all it has, but it can’t give you what you need. True love should not be about putting hope in others, but about being independent and self-sufficient.

The little hedgehog came back to find the cactus after escaping the danger but found that the cactus had grown a thorn again, thinking that the cactus was blaming it for leaving and did not trust its love for the cactus. It said to the cactus: “Why can’t you understand me? I am trying to escape danger. I don’t want to leave you. If I don’t leave you, you will continue to be hurt, and I will die.”

In the face of reality, everyone has unspeakable difficulties and unsolvable problems. You can’t protect me, it doesn’t mean you don’t love me, because even if you risk your life, the outcome will only be worse than if you leave me.

The cactus shed a tear, which is very precious in this desert: “You go, go back to your woods. We were destined to be incompatible, we adapted to each other, but both put each other in danger , you are in the desert, which increases the risk of being killed and the difficulty of your survival, and I reduced the thorns to embrace you, but I cannot have enough water to continue to survive. Since it is so painful and uncomfortable, why not Forget each other in the rivers and lakes.”


The little hedgehog was a little reluctant to give up, but he also understood the reason. In this world, you can’t be together if you love each other. There are too many gaps that can’t be bridged. Love makes people naive.

The little hedgehog walked away and turned back three times. It no longer has to hide under the protection of cactus under the scorching sun. It can eat fruit carefree in the woods, but why is it so reluctant?

It doesn’t have to go to great lengths to pick a lot of fruits that the cactus doesn’t eat at all. Although it is the one who eats the fruits in the end, why does it feel that these fruits are no longer as delicious as before?

So at the end of the story, the little hedgehog and the cactus are not together. Love is probably like this, you see that we are similar to each other, covered with thorns, and you are self-preservation, but for me it is survival, you think it is only used occasionally, but it is essential for me, talking about certain aspects, Our three views are always difficult to match, and we are destined to be difficult to communicate for a long time, and gradually become less like ourselves.

You are suitable for living in the woods, you can make a lot of friends and eat a lot of fruit, that is determined by your innate conditions, and I grew up alone in a desert, I envy you, and don’t blame you, thank you for accompanying me For a period of time, at least I have heard so many stories about what happened in the woods. It was my unreachable longing, and you were my unreachable dream.

Anwar Hossain

My name is Anwar Hossain. I am a cactus lover, researcher, and cactus blogger.

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