7 Amazing Tricks to Clean Your Money Plant Leaves

Cleaning indoor plants is an activity that takes only about a minute, however, the results are beneficial for the plants. Beautiful leaves on plants will offer a healthy, shiny appearance that completely alters the appearance of your home.

If a plant collects excessive dust, it can make it hard for them to breathe, which could hinder them from taking on the energy they get from oxygen during the night. To create a stunning shine of your money plant, you can use products like spray vinegar, beer, or a cloth soaked in some milk.

Every money plant lover will agree with me that when your houseplant looks dirty you must feel uneasiness in your mind also. So the question is how to clean the leaves of a money plant? Here is how?

Necessary Tools & Materials 

Equipment / Tools

  • Spray bottle
  • Sprayer nozzle or hose
  • Bucket
  • Damp cloth
  • Soft duster or brush
  • Stiff brush (for cleaning pots)


  • Plastic wrap (if needed)
  • Dish detergent
  • Household bleach

16 Amazing Tricks to Clean Your Money  Plant Leaves

The dust stops the leaves from absorbing light and not forming chlorophyll and consequently, from turning the color of green… There are many reasons to keep indoor plants clean frequently with just a few grandmother’s advice!

Tricks listTricks list
1. Beer for the leaves
2. Milk for plants
3. Leaves with a brush
4. A hairdryer on the leaves
5. Olive oil on the plants
6. Beer and milk
7. Wipe Down

8. Give Your Money Tree a Shower
9. Give Your Money Tree a Quick    Dunk
10. Avoid Artificial Leaf Shine Products
11. Natural water
12. Natural brightener
13. Toothbrush
14. Rinse Money Plant Leaves with Warm Water
15. Mineral Oil Onto  Money Plant Leaves.

1. Beer for the Leaves

The most well-known trick used by Grandma to wash leaves is of soaking a cloth in lager with beer that makes the leaves shine, while also ridding their dust. Be cautious to use a cloth to clean the leaves with care or use your hand as a strengthening device behind the leaf in order to prevent damaging the plant… to finish, there’s nothing too difficult, just spend the time doing it!

2. Milk for Plants

Make a mixture of half water and half milk, prior to using a cloth to wash the leaves, wipe in a gentle manner. Gardeners who are patient can finish the job by polishing, using a soft cloth to enhance the shine of their plants.

3. Leaves with a Brush with soft bristles

Wipe the leaves with a brush with soft bristles ( buy from amazon.com), not a fan, paint, or make-up. The leaves will regain their freshness and vigor without harming the plant!

4. A Hairdryer on the Leaves

A Hairdryer on the Leaves

Be aware that the method needs to be used with caution. Use for only money plants that are not extremely delicate, use hair dryers set to the lowest power, and, most importantly use cold air! If all conditions are met, then the device could, in turn, reduce time and effort by removing dust from those folds.

5. Olive Oil on the Plants

If you don’t have beer in your home, olive oil can give shine back to your indoor plants. How do you do it? Apply a few drops of olive oil to a wet cloth, and then gently wipe the leaves of money plants to cleanse the leaves. In addition, olive oil makes a fantastic natural repellent, and it keeps away all kinds of parasites like Aphids.

6. Beer and Milk

You can add some drops of beer into the water solution or milk. This will make your leaves shine more (glycerine). Cleanse with a natural sponge. That’s it! You don’t have to worry, the plant you’ve chosen won’t get drunk or smelly.

7. Wipe Down

Wipe Down

No matter how small or big the most commonly used method people take care of Money Trees is by simply cleaning them with a cloth.

Start by moistening the entire foliage using water and spray bottles to dampen dust. it will make dusting much easier.

With a damp cloth or a sponge, a bucket of clean water in the vicinity, simply use the damp cloth to wipe your money leaf.

8. Give Your Money Tree a Shower

Money Tree a Shower

Making use of your shower or sink to wash off your Money Tree is definitely the fastest method to remove dirt and grime off the leaves.

After you’ve cleaned Your Money Tree, allow it to dry by soaking it in the basin. Be aware that no houseplant would like being in water that is stagnant. When your Money Tree is planted into a container that has drainage holes in the bottom, all of the excess water will flow out, and then down the drain.

When your Money Tree is in a container that has no drainage holes, I would not suggest washing your leaves using this method.

9. Give Your Money Tree a Quick Dunk

quick dunk money plant

If you own a small tabletop-sized Money Tree, you may think about dipping the leaves of your tree in a bucket of water to wash it. If you are dunking a plant, place your hand on the pot to hold your soil set. flip it upside-down and then place the leaves into a bucket filled with cool water and then swirl the plant in a circular motion from one side.

If you’re worried about loss of soil from your planter when you turn the tree upside down, you should first water it. The soil that is wet will remain in place more than dry soil, particularly when you’ve placed your hands over it in order to hold it in place. To be extra cautious, you can make use of plastic wrap to cover the bottom of the plant before flipping it upside down.

Also, you’ll be able to let the plant drain and dry after you’ve cleaned it. Keep in mind that no plant would like to be sunk in watery soil.

10. Avoid Artificial Leaf Shine Products

Beware of Leaf shine sprays from commercial companies and other items that claim to keep your leaves looking more vibrant. A little water, and sometimes just a small amount of dish soap is all you require in order to maintain your beautiful leaves looking the best they can.

11.  Natural Water


I have already mentioned that water is the most important source for cleaning plant leaves. It is possible to make use of a hose or sprayer.

If the dirt on your indoor plants is plentiful, you can mix the contents of a liter of water with the addition of a few drops of gel for showers. Then sprinkle them using this mixture for a clean rinse with water.

12. Natural Brightener

It is also a great method to showcase beautiful leaves. If you plan to use it, you can run an emulsion of soapy water over the leaves in order to increase shine. It is also possible to use olive oil to create a natural brightener and, with both of these methods the indoor plant will become sparkling.

13. Toothbrush


Begin by holding the leaf with your hands and lightly brush the leaf . Start at the base of the leaf and gradually work your way towards the end, making sure to wash your brush regularly and allow it to dry before making use of it again to create beautiful leaves.

14. Rinse Money Plant Leaves with Warm Water

Put it in the shower or sink and make use of the force that the flow of water exerts to wash any dirt or dust particles off the plants. The mist of the shower can also help hydrate the leaves of the plant. Let the plants dry, and then bring out to air dry outside in the sun.

Always use warm water, as cold water can leave spots on the leaves.

15.  Mineral Oil Onto  Money Plant Leaves

Mineral oil creates a glossy coat for leaves and assists in preventing dust from rapidly accumulating. Simply put the small amount of the mineral oil on the leaf, and then employ your fingers to distribute it across the top portion on the leaf. Apply this technique to any kind of plant.

How Often Should You Clean Your Money Tree Leaves?

The Money Tree will not need to be maintained daily. Based on the climate of the location you live in, your home could be less or more dirty than others.

How often you clean your houseplant leaves depends on how much dust you have present in your air. Plants growing in areas that have dirt roads or ongoing construction work, empty lots, and lots of wind need to be maintained regularly. The best method to determine whether a plant requires cleaning is to put your finger against the leaf. If you feel or feel more dust that you are able to blow away the plant, it’s time to get it cleaned.

How frequently?

On average, it’s recommended to clean each of the leaves on your plant once every month. Heating in winter can cause dust to build up, so it is recommended to clean them more often approximately twice per month.

Why should plant leaves be cleaned?

  • The majority of money plants get their nutrition from the soil, but also through the leaves.
  • Microparticles help the plant take in the ambient humidity and, in turn, draw some of the necessary resources to grow.
  • Some plants like golden pothos, money plants as well as succulents, cacti and crassula,for instance, have a system which permits them to draw the bulk of their nutrients from air.
  •  Dust blocks this process and weakens plants and hinders the growth of and progress.
  • Provide as many rays of light as is possible for the plant thereby facilitating the process of photosynthesis (essential for the existence of plants).
  • Clear the stomata. These are tiny holes that allow plants to breathe. If they’re blocked and the growth of plants is reduced.
  • Money Trees use photosynthesis to generate their own food. A part of this process involves the capture of sunlight and CO2 via their leaves. Their capacity to do this is reduced in the event that their foliage is covered by dust.

What product should I use to clean plant leaves?

It is not a good idea to use any product that is available in the marketplace because whatever you pick it is expected to dump some over the foliage.

This deposit could be toxic and cause disease. Unless you use a natural solution…

In contrast, one could make use of a small amount of alcohol or even beer blended with water in order to add shine and shine to your leaves.


Your money plant leaves reflect your indoor environment, how worthy, how peaceful, and how prosper it is?.

Why not we should pay attention to our money plant to cleanse leaves? How to cleanse the leaves?  You can use beer, olive oil, gel, soap, dunk your money plant, wipe with cloth, brushing, and showering to your money plant. 



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