7 Best Saguaro Cactus Seeds: Tested-Pick for Beginners

My best-tested pick saguaro cactus seeds

Saguaro Catus Seeds

Grow Your own Saguaro Cactus Kit – Incubator – Cactus Seeds – Southwest Arizona Southwestern Gift Idea – Seed Propagation – Desert Souvenir

Product Details 

  • Grow your own Saguaro Cactus.
  • Comes with approx 150 seeds.
  • Easy to grow.
  • Seeds sprout in 3-10 days!
  • Perfect southwestern gift or souvenir.

How to plant the seeds

  1. Pour in soil,
  2.  pour seeds on soil with 1/8″ dirt.
  3.  Place pot in a bowl with one-inch water (keep water in a bowl until seeds sprout).  By placing your pot in a bowl of water, you are mimicking this natural process and are setting your seeds up for success.
  4.  Place pot in a warm area with bright indirect light, such as a table close to a window. Indirect, natural light is the ideal environment for a plant. Applying two watts of light per square foot is a good guideline when caring for saguaro plants. Starting with a seedling, harden off the plant by gradually exposing them to more light over time. After it has developed roots and leaves, you can place it in direct sunlight.
  5. Seeds will germinate in approximately 3-10 days.

Giant Saguaro Cactus Seeds

Product Details

  • HEALTHY SEEDS: 25 Seeds to Grow of Saguaro Cactus.
  • GROWTH PERFORMANCE: They don’t compromise quality! Cactus is amazing to grow.
  • COMMITTED TO SERVICE: Their team is passionate about plants and our goal is to help people experience the joy of growing their own cacti. They’ve been helping people with their garden & houseplants and they guarantee your satisfaction with their products!
  • THE PERFECT DIY GIFT: The gift of growing Saguaro Cactus is perfect for anybody. It’s a seriously cool gift for a friend, colleague, family member, or loved one.  See the excitement in their eyes as they experience growing indoor Saguaro Cactus.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED:! If you struggle with any aspect of the process, don’t hesitate to contact them. They have an exclusive offer exclusively for you. They will help you with the Saguaro Cactus project and provide you with a guaranteed solution in the shortest possible time, or your money back.
Future of the Giant Saguaro Cactus Seeds
  1. Saguaro cacti reproduce by producing numerous seeds within the fruits. They are successful in maintaining their population because of their ability to produce many seeds in little time.
  2.  Each fruit can produce up to 2,000 seeds and it is common to have over 30 fruits per stem on an individual saguaro. 
  3. When the conditions are favorable and there’s lots of sunlight, plants can grow after just a few days. They grow best in coarse soils that drain well.
  4. The saguaro plant is a large and long-lived cactus that can live up to 200 years and can grow at maximum heights of 60 feet.
  5. Rainwater is a valuable resource that many plants use to survive harsh dry periods. This plant does exactly that and is also visible to the naked eye.
  6. Saguaros can be grown easily in containers. However, it might take a long time for the plant to grow before it will show any true growth.

Grow Your Own Giant Saguaro – Southwest Novelty Gift – Souvenir – Plant Your Own Cactus Garden – Cacti

Product Details 

  • Grow Your Own Giant Saguaro Cactus

Saguaro cacti are in the genus Carnegiea and are only found in the Sonoran Desert. They can grow up to 40 feet tall with a spread of 3-5 feet. They have long, thin saguaro arms that resemble an umbrella, and their needles are arranged in clusters of 5-10 on either side of the stem at intervals.

  • Sprouts in just 3-10 days

Giant Saguaro Cactus Sprouts are getting more and more popular as they can bloom in just three to ten days.

  • Package contains approx. 100 Giant Saguaro Seeds

Package contains approx. 100 Giant Saguaro Seeds (Cereus gigantus). This plant is known as the “giant” saguaro cactus. They are native to the desert regions of the American Southwest, Mexico, and parts of Central and South America. This plant can grow up to 40 feet in height and weigh as much as 15 tons in a single season!

  • Package contains history, suggested reading, interesting facts, and easy planting instructions

As a new gardener, you’re going to need to plant your first plants soon. This package has everything that you need to get started and is sure to help get you going.

  • Saguaro Cacti can live up to 250 years and grow to up to 40 feet tall!

Saguaro Cacti are known as the “King of the Sonoran Desert.” They have been on Earth for millions of years and can live up to 250 years. They have deep roots that can spread over 30 feet wide.

Giant Saguaro Cactus Seeds (Carnegia gigantea) 

Product Details 

  • Offering 20+ GIANT SAGUARO CACTUS seeds, packaged in a paper seed envelope.

If you’re looking for a new plant to brighten up your home or office, these giant Saguaro cactus seeds are the perfect solution! The long, spiny arms of these cacti make them a fantastic choice for next to a window or anywhere in the home.

  • You’ll know how to grow, harvest, and preserve your plants at a consistent; perfect pace with the handy instructions each time.
  • Grow plants for food or try gardening as a new hobby. Gardening is a popular activity for many people. It can be a great way to relax and get outside.
  • Seeds make great gifts for all ages because they’re so easy to grow, and they’re a staple if you wish in every garden.

Fresh Seeds – 50+ Seeds Saguaro Cactus Seeds – Carnegiea gigantea

Product Details 

  • This product type is seeds. Seed starting is the process of growing plants from seed. It can be done indoors or outdoors and can be done by individuals, families, and communities.
  • Type: Cacti & Succulent Seeds. Cacti and succulent seeds are both types of plants that can be found in the desert. 
  • Plant Type: Saguaro Cacti.
  • Good Quality and reasonable price.
  • This package of seeds is shipped from the U.S. so do not worry about the shipment.

Giant Saguaro Cactus Seeds 25 Seeds (RFS) – Great for Bonsai

  • The total number of seeds, bulbs is mentioned in the title.  
  • The saguaro seeds are pollinator-friendly. Pollination usually occurs by bees, bats, and butterflies.
  • The seeds are ideal for mass planting or indoor planting in containers.
  • Seeds come in a number of sizes and most of them are raised in a variety of colors, shapes, and flavors. 
  • MADE IN USA: Ships from Iowa. They Guarantee their products!
  • GOOD SOIL: They recommend using top-quality soil to give plants a head start.

VISTARIC Giant Saguaro Cactus (Carnegiea Gigantea)

  • Majestic saguaro cacti, which can grow to be over 50 feet tall, are beautiful. The cacti grow on arid soils that lack water in the Sonoran Desert.
  • Majestic saguaro cacti, or giant saguaros, have an average lifespan of 100-200 years.
  • When the plant is about 30 years old, the flowers form at the stem end in a waxy white color.
  •  Seeds germinate quickly and produce beautiful seedlings with a few spines at the top.
  •  Seedlings start out relatively small and gradually increase in size, developing a cylindrical shape with upright spines.
  • Native to the American Southwest, saguaros are famous for their long, elegant columns that rise from the ground in stark contrast to the surrounding desert landscape. These tall cacti will grow outside if you live in the right climate and soil.
  • Easy to grow

Factors to Consider When Buying Cactus Seeds 

When you’re purchasing products, it’s important to look at the quality, not just the price tag. The best purchases will provide a good value for your money and come with plenty of nutrients. Don’t go for ones that are cheap, but missing something key!  

What does it take for you to pick the best cactus seeds for yourself when you go out shopping for them? 

  • Brand Value: Is it reputed and worthy?
  • Product Specifications: Read the labels carefully. Are all ingredients available as per my needs or not?
  • Product Quality: Never compromise with quality even though it spends more.
  • Product Reviews: Read some real users’ opinions about the products.
  • Customer Ratings: How many 5-star ratings are getting this specific product?
  • Price Value

Related Question

How do You Grow Saguaro Cactus from Seeds?

  1. Purchase your saguaro soil from amazon.com
  2. Now collect your pot or purchase it as per your required size.
  3. Make some holes on the soil surface at ⅛ inches deep.
  4. Put one seed in each hole and lightly press a pinch of soil over each seed. 
  5. Cover the pot with clear plastic wrap and cut several small holes in the wrap to allow steam to escape.
  6. Lastly, place your pot in a place where there is no direct sunlight, but warm, bright light available for its best wellbeing.

What do Saguaro Cactus Seeds Look Like?

Saguaro cacti are found in the deserts of North America. The word “saguaro” originated in the language of the Sonoran Desert, which is known as “Opatan”.

  1. The seeds are light brown and about the size of a small marble or smaller.
  2. You can find them in the large, round, flat spines that saguaro cactus plants produce on their branches.

How Long do Saguaro Seeds take to Germinate?

Saguaro seeds take around 3 to 10 days to germinate. Once they sprout, the saplings are very sensitive to dryness and should be watered frequently.

Saguaro seeds are placed on a warm, moist substrate and covered with soil. The goal is to have the soil temperature at approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 


The Saguaro Cactus as a Symbol of Resilience, Strength, and Tenacity. The saguaro cactus is a resilient plant that can survive in harsh desert conditions.

But it doesn’t mean that saguaro cactus seeds are also able to tolerate such harsh conditions. You’ll need to take care of your saguaro seeds by watering them, buying quality seeds, and watching for signs that they need more attention.

With so many years of cacti gardening experience and using whole varieties of saguaro seeds, my best choice would be My best-tested pick saguaro cactus seeds