A spirit science: Is the moon cactus good for home?

is moon cactus good for home

I am from an orthodox family where many traditional beliefs are being practiced. That’s why many hot debates occur over potting moon cactus in my home. Finally, I decided to research this issue and tried to bring out the truth about the indoor planting of the moon cactus.

Moon refers to female energy, Yin energy, life energy i.e. healing energy. Moon cactus undoubtedly refers to good vibration for a home. Moon cactus absorb life energy from the moon and emanate that energy to the house. So moon cactus is a blessed plant for home dwellers.

There are many debates on whether the moon cactus should be kept at home or not. It is up to your belief system. Besides, it is also mentionable that where you place moon cactus in your home is a factor.

Many experiments are being done on the advantages and disadvantages of indoor plants by many reputed universities, which I am going to share here with you.

Does Moon  Cactus Bring Good Luck?

It is true that the moon cactus can bring good luck or bad luck, depending on where it is placed in your home. According to Feng Shui’s belief, the moon cactus can attract bad energy and can transmit to the home. 

Why does it bring negative energy? Its prickly thorns are the symbol of negativity. It is a common belief for millennia that leaves for good and thorns for bad.

Fear of pain, financial loss, misfortune, distress, sleeplessness,  and diseases demotivated many people to place moon cactus at home. But that is not the full truth; this belief is from partial truth. Let’s explore the full story…

Placing the moon cactus at homes can bring either bad energy or good energy. If you place it at your doorstep, living room, or bedroom,   it will be a bad sign for you. However, placing it in your window or terrace will bring more vibrating energy for you and will be a good protector. It’s the same thorns will now repel negative energy.


Top 8 Benefits of Moon Cactus Planting in Home

1. Reduce Stress, Tension and Depression:

Moon cactus dissipates high-frequency energy which reduces our stress,  tension, and depression from our mind. But a low vibrational environment creates a low vibrational mood. So it’s a wise decision to potted a moon cactus in a house.

A study conducted  by the Dominican University of California on  Stress-Reducing Effects of Indoor Plants in a Classroom Setting and they found that 

  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced mental fatigue
  • Improved performance on cognitive tests.

2. Increase Life Force (prana)  in Your Body

Through our breathing system, we exhale carbon dioxide and inhale oxygen. Moon cactus in our home consume more carbon dioxide but spread more fresh oxygen through photosynthesis, which is very vital for us humans. The more we get life force, the more we become happy, calm, peaceful, and successful. 

3. Enhance High Frequency Vibration

What is above that is also below. Moon cacti are red, yellow, orange, and purple. Those outer colors heal the human body’s inner chakra system. Because the chakras are nothing but color vortexes. So those who are growing cactus at home are energizing themself energetically. 

Isn’t it a great option to be an owner of a home with a moon cactus garden?

4. Fast Healing Power

In a study published in EMBO Molecular Medicine, a Dartmouth researcher found low levels of oxygen increase the chance of heart attack.

The Moon cactus at home is a great source of oxygen supply in our blood. And, more oxygen holds more life force which has fast healing power.

5. High Vibrational Outer World, High Vib Inner World

Vibration dictates our inner body-mind, mood, happiness, calm, and peace. If you can create a high vibrational living room with the help of the moon cactus, then your inner vibration will be fine.

What is outside that is inside. Having flowers and plants around the home certainly evolves moods and reduces the likelihood of stress-related depression.

6. Improves Relationships/Compassion

Home is the place of cultivating compassion in people. Research shows that if we spend more time around plants, we tend to increase compassion for each other.

7. Enhance Concentration, Contemplation

Some aesthetic beauty like the moon cactus enhances your brain functions. Moon cactus helps our cognitive ability.

 Research shows that children who spend time around plants learn better.

[source: Ellison Chair in International Floriculture ]

8. Sound Absorption

A study from Hosanna projects indoor plants or vegetation surfaces are capable of absorbing up to 50% of incident sound energy. So more and more planting moon cactus in the house will reduce extra noise from the house, which will help home habitats.

Is Moon Cactus Good For Health?

Moon cactus has several health benefits as they could absorb toxic carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen through photosynthesis.

The benefits of a cactus in the house depending on its shape:

  1. Spherical or round ball like: Moon cactus  is spherical, which makes a person humble, benign, soft, simple, calm,and peaceful. It can help obese people  by limiting food intake. 
  2. Column like: Confidence is the half of success, which a person can gain from  columnar types cactus. 
  3. An elongated cactus:  This type of cactus  helps people become wiser; wisdom never relies on other opinions. It  relieves shyness and insecurity, and also makes people not so dependent on the opinions of others.

How Do You Care for a Moon Cactus Indoors?

Unlike other cacti, the moon cactus needs extra care. Since the moon cactus can’t produce food directly, it needs other cactus help to feed it. Some common care of moon cactus are:

  • Well-drained  soil: don’t retain excess water.
  • Watering your cactus sparingly.
  • Help it to get summer weather.

What Does a Moon Cactus Symbolize?

The mother and child relationship, maternal bond, could be more strong during pregnancy if a moon cactus are kept on the windowsill. 

What Does a Moon Cactus Mean Spiritually?

Spirituality is nothing but enhancing your attention power, concentration, contemplation, and meditation.  Here is why moon cacti are kept in offices or living places. 

Many people keep it in front of their TV  and PC because the moon cactus can absorb radiation from those devices. And, that radiation is not good for spiritual practitioners.

Is It Bad Luck to Put Moon Cactus in the Bedroom?

As per Vastu and Feng Shui beliefs, you should not place any cactus in your bedroom. Because it will transmit negative energy in your home and life. That negative energies are stress, tension, depression, anxiety, frustration, trauma, sleeplessness, etc.

Where Do You Put a Moon Cactus for Good Luck?

Place it on your windowsill or on the terrace. It will bring so much peace and happiness to your family. Knowing how to use energy is the secret of successful & peaceful life.

“If you want to understand the universe, understand in terms of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration”---Nicola Tesla

Two things have to be considered before placing the moon cactus in your home. One is near the windowsill and another is getting indirect sunlight. Too much light is not necessary for moon cactus; excess light can damage moon cactus.

Is a Moon Cactus Poisonous?

Moon cactus are non-toxic to humans and animals. So the clear-cut answer is nope. Its spiny stabs can wound you but can’t harm you. Just let it heal on its own.

Moon Cactus Help to Make Natural Remedies at Home

How lucky you are if you have an indoor cactus garden. Don’t need to think too much about your family’s health. So many psychosomatic diseases will be eliminated automatically. In addition, whenever any member of your family gets sick, you can make natural remedies with your moon cactus.

  1. Eliminating the inflammatory process: Moon cactus flowers have healing properties to eliminate inflammation in the human body.

2. Control bad temper and emotions: Emotions mean energy in motion, whether it is bad energy or good energy. 

“Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult”.JOYCE MEYER

A house, gifted with a moon cactus, will be influenced by the flowers of moon cactus; and a person with a bad temper and emotions will also be influenced by the flowers of cactus.

3. Flowers reduce large mental load: According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology,  Viewing a flower image provides automatic recovery effects after psychological stress. 

Someone whose profession is to take the burden on the mind. The cactus flowers of cactus at home will work as a tonic for the mental load.


Moon cactus is just like a double-edged sword; it may save you or it may cut you. It depends on where you place the cactus at your home. Cacti at the entrance, bedroom, and living room will transfer more bad energy, but at windowsill or terrace will redirect more good energy.

Don’t be panicked about the moon cactus’ bad energy. Be educated. Let it be your best fortune.

Anwar Hossain

My name is Anwar Hossain. I am a cactus lover, researcher, and cactus blogger.

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