How to Make Stone Cactus: Paint Pebbles for a Decor that does not Lack Spice

How to Make Stone Cactus


Creating your own little cacti made of pebbles can create an interesting decoration for your house.

The process is very easy. First, collect your materials. You will need the rock pebbles, and you might want to decorate with some grass or flowers too.

Cut them into small pieces if you want to make small cacti. If you want taller ones, then cut bigger pieces. Make sure to use hard materials! The glue must be spread on the entire surface of every piece of rock pebble, then it is time to start gluing them together.

When they are stuck together well enough, then it is time to proceed to the next step: creating the cactus shape! Use a pair of scissors to do this (be careful!).

You just have to fold the edges up and open up the sides a bit until you have a small cactus shape. Then finally, use some paint and water to color the cactus.

This activity combines a walk by the water and playful painting, for an original result that will find its place indoors or outdoors. 

Cactus stones are perhaps a more accurate label for the artifact. Specifically, cogged stones may actually represent cactus slices.

 The equipment you need

Stone Cactus

Bring a brush and the following items:

  • Gouache
  • small pebbles
  • A jar filled with sable
  • A white permanent marker
  • Varnish for any support in a spray can

You can find pebbles in rivers or pits of gravel. An opportunity to enjoy a pleasant stroll during the summer either with your family or on your own in the event that you decide to avoid this step by purchasing the pebbles for affordable prices at pet stores, or in the department of aquariums.

The first step is to clean them and let them dry. Next, create the various shades of green using gouache and a palette to include a variety of Cactus. Apply layers of gouache to the pebbles. Begin with a coat on one side and after drying, paint the opposite side. Continue this process until you are able to be able to see the original color of the pebble.

You can then use the white marker and create the patterns intended to represent the quills of the Cactus. It is possible to make tiny dots crossed lines, lines, or crosses with tiny stars, or lines that are dotted by large stars.

It is possible to finish the work with a coat of all-surface varnish to shield them particularly if your artworks are set up outside. To place them inside the pot, make sure to press the pebbles in a tight way and then give them various angles.

Absolutely, your beautiful blonde heads will be sporting hair-coloring behind their ears, but you’ll be having a blast with your loved ones and will be proud of having created these pebble Cacti.


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