Facts: How Long can a Chinese Money Plant Live without Water?

The majority of plants can go for up to 7 days without water. But, the plant’s nature and maturity levels may influence how long they could be without water.

Chinese money plants can live without water for 20-25 Days. If properly taken care of by feeding, watering, and the right amount of sunlight, Chinese Money Plants live around 10 years. However, with a little extra time and care, you might gain some additional years.

As stated in UC Master Gardeners of San Mateo & San Francisco Counties that

Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides); Growth: H-12″ (leaves grow larger with less light); Soil: Well-drained; Water Needs: Water every 1-2 weeks or when leaves look droopy; Light Needs: Bright, indirect; Nutrient Requirements: Monthly; Notes: Unusual round leaves, self-propagator, rotate the plant so the stem will grow straight.

If you’re in search of an indoor plant that will withstand hot weather and is easy to care for, this plant could be the ideal choice for your home.

How Do I Know If My Chinese Money Plant Needs Water?

The soil should generally dry between waterings.  More watering is needed for Chinese money plants in sunny, warmer weather. If your leaves begin to appear droopy, this is a sign that the plant requires water. For keeping the shape of your Chinese money plant well-shaped make sure to rotate it every week in order to avoid it from becoming unbalanced.

How often Should I Water My Chinese Money Plant?

The houseplant should be watered approximately once per week, but ensure that the soil is not wet to the touch prior to applying water. This can be done by pressing your thumb about an inch deep into the soil. If the soil is damp, you can leave it for longer as they don’t want soil that is soggy.

Like orchids and many of other indoor plants, your Chinese money tree requires approximately 6-8 ounces of liquid water each three weeks as per our experts. It is much easier to remember, which is why we recommend giving it 2 cubes of ice (3 teaspoons of water) each week.

Most of the time, watering the Chinese water plant at least once a week is enough. However, there will be occasions where you’ll need to change your schedule to water more frequently (a few times per week) or perhaps less frequently (maybe once every 10 days)

How Do You Know if the Chinese Money Plant is Overwatered?

Drooping, yellowing, or leaves that fall prematurely are some of the early indications of excessive watering. If your Pilea is showing yellow leaves but hasn’t yet begun to wilt you can keep it from wilting by altering the frequency of watering. If wilting has started to develop, you’ll require more effort to keep your Pilea.

The most typical indications of overwatered pileas are the appearance of discoloration and drooping foliage. Pilea,  which has received excessive water, loses its deep-green color and begins to fade from light green to yellow before the leaves fall off and fade away.

How much water does a Chinese money plant need?

Let the surface 2″-3″ of Pilea peperomioides’ soil dry between irrigations. Usually, deeply watering the plant at least once per week is sufficient, however, it’s related to the quantity and the quality of light it’s receiving.

The pilea is happy with its regular watering. However, make sure you let the soil completely dry between waterings in order to prevent excessive watering and root rot. In winter,  water only every fortnight.

How do you take care of a Chinese Money Plant indoors?

Light: Make sure to keep your Chinese Money Plant in lots of indirect, bright light. Be sure to keep the plant out of direct sunlight because it can result in burn marks on the leaves.

Water: Keep soil slightly moist, and be sure not to allow it to remain in water or get too wet.

How Do You Revive a Chinese Money Plant?

To bring back the dying pilea peperomioides, it is essential to replicate what is typical of the natural environment by planting the pilea in well-draining potting soil. Water only when you can tell that the upper inch soil is dry. Mist on the leaf to boost humidity , and put the pilea in a place with indirect, bright lighting.

Why are the Leaves on My Chinese Money Plant Turning Brown?

It is usually caused by excessive watering. If the plant is overwatered, its leaves will show brown spotting and edging, and eventually, the leaves will start falling off of the plant. If your plant exhibits these signs, you should feel the soil.

Why are the leaves on my Chinese Money Plant turning yellow?

The most common factors for yellowing money tree leaves are too much sunlight or over-watering.

Can Chinese Money Plants Live in Water?

Chinese Money Plant propagation is accomplished by segregating plants from the rhizome, (or stem) of the plant that is the parent. The plantlets can be propagated in the water or directly in the soil. Indirect light, bright high humidity and mildly moist conditions will aid your plantlets to develop and thrive.

Do Chinese money plants like to be misted?

Pileas don’t have particular requirements for humidity. However, they are susceptible to suffering in dry areas. Misting them regularly will help with this.

How often Should You Mist a Chinese Money Plant?

They are most effective in temperatures of 65-75deg F and like humidity levels between 50-75 percent. If the humidity levels in your home are not high, you might need to add more humidity to the air by using an air humidifier or directly onto the Pilea with misting two times each week. The humidity in your home is easily measured using a tiny device known as a Hygrometer( Check price from amazon.com)



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