Decode The Mystery: Can We Keep Money Plants in the Bedroom?

Money plants are a great option if you’re looking to include some greenery in your room. Keep in mind the direction that your bedroom faces and place the plants accordingly.

The money plant placed in your bedroom could help to calm your mind and provide relaxation to your eyes, thus enhancing the happiness in your home.

There is a belief that it brings good luck and prosperity to the house, and also absorbs the bad energy of illness. In addition, the fat woman (money plant)  helps to purify the air from unpleasant substances and odors.  A money plant is ideal if your bedroom is in the North, East, South East, or South.

Vastu Shastra suggests the addition of a variety of plants in your house to guarantee peace, prosperity as well as good health, and happiness. Of all the plants that are suggested in Vastu, the money plant ranks on the top of the list. The money plant is of paramount importance in Vastu Shastra because it is able to filter air, which allows positive energy to flow into the home.

In this blog post, I am going to share what Vastu science says about keeping money plants in the bedroom.

Which Direction Is the Best for Money Plants in the Bedroom?

money plant near window
  •  North – According to Vastu Shastra placing the money plant within a blue bottle with its face facing the direction of the north can bring prosperity and wealth.
  • East –Putting the money plant in a green bottle that faces the east to make connections with influential individuals and increase your social network.
  •  South –The direction of the south is associated with fame and growth. The placement of a money plant on dirt (not water) in the south-facing direction will help improve your financial position.
  • South-east –  It is recommended to put this money tree in a brown or red bottle set in the soil (not the water) for a large flow of cash.
  •  South-west -Do not place the money plant in the west or south-west directions as it could cause instability in your career as well as affect your relationships…….The NoBroker Times
  • If the windows are in the south direction, this is also fine. In this instance, shade windows are ideal for the summer and spring seasons.
  • In the warmer months, Crassula feels great in the fresh air. It’s worth taking it out of the balcony and then placing it on the ground.

However, where is the most suitable location to store Crassula? It can be put on the ground or should it be placed to keep it on the windowsill? The answer is straightforward. It is crucial to think about the dimensions: A window sill is ideal for small trees while a floor stand would be ideal for large trees.

Money Plant Placement Near to bed or Not

5 feet away from bed
  • Money plants release carbon dioxide in the course of the night. This is why it is advised to position the plant 5 feet away from your mattress……..The NoBroker Times
  • This distance guarantees you that carbon dioxide released by the plant (only at night) doesn’t disturb your sleep pattern.

Care Of Fat Woman in Bedroom

The humidity levels of the room should be optimal. Using the air conditioning system for prolonged periods could cause damage to the money plant.

Benefits of Money Plant in Vastu

The plant is a source of physical and spiritual benefits. Infusions and decoctions made from its leaves, in addition to juices, are used to treat various ailments including hemorrhoids, arthritis, ulcers, and many more.

The fat woman brings wealth and good fortune to her home, which perfectly purifies the air and is also a sign of the health of the person. If the trees begin to dry and die,  this means that someone is suffering from health issues; the money tree partly eliminates them.

Here, are some more benefits of the money plant I am sharing below. Let’s jump into it one by one

  • Cleans your air and replaces old air with fresh oxygen.
  • Absorbs harmful radiation and purifies the air.
  • Adds a sense of tranquility and peace to your home.
  • It neutralizes the ill-feeling by absorbing negative energy in the bedroom.
  • It can attract wealth, thus creating prosperity.
  • Money plants relieve stress and relieve insomnia.
  •  It will increase your imagination, boost your mood, ease anxiety, and increase enthusiasm.
  • It’s an excellent solution for those suffering from insomnia and hypertension.
  • It can help soothe eyes and reduce the tension that can result from prolonged use of laptops, mobiles, and other devices.
  • It aids in overcoming fatigue, dullness, and lethargy.
  • Get rid of toxins and then ensure that oxygen is present in space.
  • A small fat woman can become a guarantee of the possibility of a modest but steady income increase for the person who receives a money plant gift.
  •  Receiving a sick tree as a gift is a sign that a person or family has envious and ill-wishers. They show negative emotions in relation to material well-being. Such acquaintances should be fenced off. Despite the negative, it is worth making an effort to cure the plant. If you manage to do this, it means that money will be found in the house, despite the envy and intrigues of acquaintances.
  • An ideal solution is to set the plant in your bedroom. It purifies the air and absorbs the odors. Crassula is frequently called a plant that filters. Contraindications: Individual intolerance or allergies with the money tree.

Why It Is Called the “Money Tree” 

The most commonly used description for Fatty women is “money” or “dollar” plant. The term “dollar” is rooted in the reasons that Fatty’s leaves look like coins and have always served as symbols of success and wealth..

There are many different ways to look at it, all of the known theories are supported by the reality that a Fatty woman is a money plant.  It has the capacity to store moisture and nutrients in its leaves, roots and branches.

Therefore, people think that since it can preserve more nutrients in its system, it also has the ability to lure money into the home.

Signs and Beliefs about Money plant

  • The death of the money tree could signal the possibility of a financial crisis. Whether you believe it or not, a dead or diseased tree is only a sign of trouble but is not the root cause of the situation.
  • According to Feng Shui, a money tree has the energy associated with “yin” (it can be described as a female plant). If the majority of the plants are succulents that means an excess of female energy will be created. This can lead to a deterioration in mood, apathy, unwillingness to do anything, and pessimism. Correcting the situation is easy: you need to add a flower with male energy (“yang”).
  • Every Wednesday, you update your tree about the expenses paid and the amount you made.  It will assist to increase the amount and meet all goals. Furthermore, the tree will assist to avoid unnecessary purchases.
  • Thick and juicy foliage indicates positive energy throughout the house. In such a home, there will always be an abundance of money.
  • Fat women are the symbol of maternal health. Some people believe that it’s possible to achieve material well-being by hanging banknotes along the branches of the money tree.

Every now and then it is necessary to have banknotes replaced with fresh ones. They can be used to meet personal requirements. There is no need to keep them in the locker. This is the beginning of the money cycle.

  • If one member of  the household becomes sick, the plant absorbs negative energy in itself, and it begins to die. After recuperation, the replica of the flora is back to its normal appearance.
  • The plant doesn’t require much sunlight, so it can be grown inside the house. According to the ancient wisdom of Vastu,  it is not good to place your money tree outside of the house. Money plant quickly dries out in the sun and is not able to develop. The growth that is stunted indicates a bad sign.

Can money plants be kept in the bedroom without sunlight?

The extremely low-maintenance vine can be grown quickly and easily in shade, indirect sunlight, and even no sunlight. It is a great climber and you can even plant it in your kitchen, bathroom, or even in your living rooms.

Which Money Plant is Lucky for Home?

Pothos,  also commonly known as Epipremnum Aureum, is among the most rapidly growing money plants that should be cultivated at your home. This plant’s look is stunning and beautiful. Pothos plants can bring wealth and good fortune to the home.


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