Can We Keep Money Plants in the Bathroom? (What Vastu Says)

We put plants on the patio and in our living area, and in the hallway… Even in our kitchen!  But what about in the bathroom? The bathroom has the ideal temperature for certain plants which require minimal sunlight. 

Although bathrooms are typically areas that aren’t flooded with natural light , or with tiny windows, they can also be ideal spaces to decorate with money plants.

Money plants are simple to cultivate, and they can thrive in damp corners such as bathrooms. According to Vastu, keeping the money plant inside the bathroom will not cause harm. You can easily maintain it when your bathroom is exposed to a considerable amount of direct or indirect sun.

Here, I am going to share some tricks and tips on how I planted money plants in my bathroom. I hope it will help you with your bathroom money plant development .

Money Plant in Bathroom

Money Plant in Bathroom

Luckily, what we mentaly think about money plants in the bathroom, this is not the case. There are some unimaginable benefits for keeping money plants in the bathroom. Here is some lists:

  • A little greenery in the bathroom is always an excellent idea. It can absorb the negative energy that builds in the bathroom and nearby area…..The NoBroker Times
  • It’s very soothing on the eyes and will boost your mood. Therefore, if your bathroom has some extra space and it is in compliance with the directions, make sure you keep a money plant.
  • A money plant is the best option for a bathroom as it can withstand the warm and humid condition of the bathroom.
  • It improves mood and allows you to concentrate on anything. You just need to check the direction of placement and you’re good to go. A money plant is ideal if your bathredroom is in the North, East, South East, or South.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the vastu system of money plants to bring positive energy into your life.
  • According to the vastu shastra, money plants can bring wealth and prosperity to its occupants when it is located within the bathroom and in the correct direction.
  • It helps direct cash flow into the house and reduces excess cash out by limiting unnecessary expenses.
  • It’s a way to bring positivity into the person you are. Remember that wealth can be found in different kinds and forms.
  • Receiving a lucrative job or incentive, negotiating new deals, finding exciting opportunities, expanding your business and a good standing among colleagues, etc. all provide great opportunities to make money.

The Temperature in Your Bathroom

  • Do not keep any money plants in the bathroom above the window as they could be killed by frigid temperatures.
  • A cool bathroom that is too cool can be dangerous for all house plants, not just money plants.
  • Fortunately, If you want a plant in your bathroom with an above average  winter temperature,  you could try a winter one like a money plant.
  • If you live somewhere where the temperature doesn’t drop in the winter and you can keep plants in your bathroom all year round.
  • The best thing about the money plant in bathroom Vastu is that as the element of Air, it thrives in the humid and warm conditions of the bathroom, and stimulates a tidy, hygienic environment. Source:  Invite Good Fortune & Prosperity with Correct Money Plant Vastu Placements at Home
  • It is essential to ensure that the plant is kept away from areas with high temperatures, like the stove in the kitchen or radiators. Since the money plants thrive well in normal room temperature.

Pros of Having Plants in the Bathroom

  1. It adds a bit of color and freshness to your bathroom.
  2. A money tree placed in your bathroom can increase your mood and energy. It can help you relax after a tense day.
  3. You can have humidity-loving money plants without spending for the expense of a humidifier.
  4. You can check them when you are taking your bath.
  5. The best method to avoid issues (such as the death of a plant) is to maintain a watch at your plants.If you spend a significant amount of time near to your plant, you’re more likely to notice any issues early and fix problems before damage has occurred.
  6. You can shower them as well. However, Put them in the basin in the area where the water cools and let the dust go through into the basin (and hopefully, any insects).
  7. Money plants can  absorb nitrogen content from finishing the restroom.
  8. One of the notable advantages of ivy is that the plants also control the humidity in the bathroom and improve the temperature in the bathroom……TIMESPROPERTY

Cons of Having Plants in the Bathroom

  1. It’s easy to forget to keep them hydrated. It’s easy to imagine that you’re more likely to be able to remember the water plants in the bathroom. However, it’s easy to get caught up in wrong thinking that they’ll receive plenty of water from the air.
  2. They grow big and touch you in the shower.
  3. Your plants might die. You wouldn’t believe that bathrooms aren’t exactly natural spaces. Money plants may prefer your bathroom over your living space, but it’s still  not an ecosystem.
  4. Bathrooms are also places where a lot of strong chemicals are used that your plant might not like.
  5. AS stated TimesProperty website that Avoid placing money plants near red objects. 

Related Questions

Is It Good to Keep Money Plants in the Bathroom?

A bit of greenery inside the bathroom area is a great idea. It will absorb negative energy and the foul smoke that can build up in the bathroom as well as in the area around it.

Can Money Plants Grow in Bathrooms?

Because money plants are simple to grow, they are able to easily thrive in damp areas like bathrooms. According to Vastu, placing the money plant in the bathroom is not going to cause harm.

Where to Keep Money Plant in Bathroom

To minimize the negative impact, money plants can be put in corners. This can also reduce stress in the home.

Which Money Plant Should Be Kept in the Bathroom as Per Vastu?

Golden Pothos Green leaves and dangling vines make the pothos popular to use for hanging pots and in areas where you would like the leaves to cascade as an element of the design. It’s incredibly easy to cultivate and so widespread and is a lover of the environment of bathrooms.

Is It Good Feng Shui to Have Plants in the Bathroom?

As with the bathroom, there are many who believe that plants in bathrooms can be harmful to Feng Shui. But, as they blend into the style and aren’t overly crowded,  they can  increase the energy and positivity of your bathroom.

Can Money Plants Survive in Your bathrooms?

Chinese money plants  like a bright spot,  indirect sunshine. Chinese money plants also love humidity, which makes it an ideal choice in bathrooms  and will also enjoy having its leaves misted every now and then.

Will a Money Tree Do Well in a Bathroom?

Money trees are an ideal houseplant to help with feng Shui.  It is believed that they are a source of good fortune financially when they are placed in the southeast corner of your house.


Certainly, it’s a great opportunity to get positive energy by keeping  money plants in the bathroom.

 Because they don’t need any direct  sunlight to thrive. They are lovers of indirect sunlight and high humidity. 

Money plants in the bathroom will minimize bad smoke, enhance mood, and attract wealth and prosperity.


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