7 Best Soil for Easter Cactus with Caring Tips

Best Soil for Easter Cactus

Easter cactus (also called Easter lily or spring lily) are succulents that bloom around Easter. Because they require specific conditions. However, if you want to give the gift of life to your attractive and wonderful daughter, who deserves it anyway, you should grow some of these awesome plants. They will bring plenty of fun and joy to your home or office as well.

Easter Cactus is an excellent houseplant for any home or office setting. The plant has beautiful, spectacular flowers and best of all, it brings joy to your Easter day. However, it does require a bit of special attention as well. For beginners who are yet to be familiar with this plant, these 7 best soil tips will help you get off to a good start. Here we go:

Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix 6 qt., Grows beautiful Houseplants, 2-Pack—-Best Overall

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  •  Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix is a blend of an optimal blend of soil, peat, and perlite. Miracle-Gro has been the trusted name in gardening for over many years, they’re here to help you grow.
  • Feeds up to 6 months.
  • There’s nothing a homeowner dislikes more than an insect infestation. However, if you’re a commercial grower and know that gnats are almost inevitable, then you can consider using Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix.
  • Interestingly, Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix is making a splash in the hydroponics market. It may not have been intended for use in agricultural settings, but it’s effective at growing plants more than any other potting mix by far. One benefit is that it uses coconut coir as a medium. Coconut coir is made from the husk of coconuts and doesn’t require drainage holes in the bottom of containers because it’s so open and porous, which makes it ideal for potting soil. The coconut coir holds water well and releases it slowly.
  • For use in containers.


 The soil is fine. 

This potting mix allows water plants from the bottom.

No gnats or molds and no mushrooms.

 No giant pieces of unknown substances.


 This indoor mud is indeed very loose and very light.

Why Best

Well…..so far, so good.

No more gnats, or those little black things.

Has a very fine texture, similar to coconut coir. 

 there’s not much perlite & pieces are very small. 

Miracle-Gro Potting Mix, 16 qt., 2-Pack—2nd Best

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Have you ever seen a plant dwarfing breakthrough? This one is going to blow your mind. A fast-growing superfood of top quality, now exactly at your door! Miracle-Gro Potting Mix, 16 qt. is the most revolutionary soil on the market.

  •  the best potting growth product on the market today, providing an easier and faster way to get bigger garden plants. (vs. unfed plants).
  • Feeds up to 6 months.
  • To help make spring colors pop, use Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix. Plant your bulbs and annual bedding plants in this mix and watch your color come alive. This potting mix is perfect for spring planting to give you more blooms for more color.
  • For indoor and outdoor container plants.
  • For use in containers.


The soil is great.

Value for the money.

 It’s cheaper than other brands.


It is slow to absorb water since it is hydrophobic soil.

Why Best

This dirt is of good quality.

It’s a moist material that lets you plant easily and ensure that your plants receive the nutrients they require.

Miracle-Gro Cactus, Palm & Citrus Potting Mix 8 Qt.—-3rd best

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Cactuses, palms, and citrus trees all require very different potting mixes, but they all want the same thing… a fast-draining potting mix that doesn’t pack down to a hard level.

  • Wow, the Miracle-Gro cactus, palm, and citrus potting mix are one of the most common potting mixes for succulent plants. It’s made for cacti and other plants with shallow roots and Fast-draining formula. This is a great source to use when you want to grow succulents from cuttings, or add new plants to your collection!
  • The great part about it is that it allows your plants to thrive and live for a long duration. The potting mix is enriched with Miracle-Gro plant food which distributes the required nutrients to the plants.
  •  give your plants the boost they need to be healthy.
  • Miracle-Gro® Cactus & Citrus Potting Mix contains forest products, sphagnum peat moss, sand, and perlite to help prevent soil compaction and improve drainage. It provides all the nutrients cacti and citrus need for continuous blooms…
  • For use in containers


This is good soil and a great price. 

The mix isn’t as sandy as but drains well. 


It’s dirt held in moisture.

Why Best

Best product by far for cactus, palms, and succulents. 

Quick draining and just the right nutrients!

Organic Potting Soil, Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix, Professional Grower Mix Soil, Fast Draining Pre-Mixed Coarse Blend (2 Quarts)

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  • Imported from Canada and contains 100 organic components, light soil, well-draining the pH balance(5.5). This soil is perfect for growing succulents and cacti varieties as well as other species of plants. The soil has good breathability and drains well, which is a good way to stop the rhizome from rotting. It is ideal for all species.
  • The soil is comprised of 75 percent natural substrate, with 25% of perlite. Our formula helps adjust with pH (5.5) for plants. Also, it contains nutrients for growing roots, which allows roots to more easily develop. Perfectly suited for the care of plants, varieties of succulents, flowers, cacti aloes, and any seeds.
  • The soil has excellent perviousness. Rhizome breathability, well-draining. The most effective way to stop the rhizome from getting decay and decreases the amount of stagnant water. It’s lightweight compared to the soil of old.
  • The soil is a mix of ready-to-use products. It can be used to grow either outdoor or indoor plants, and create your own garden or flower pot in a hurry and with ease. It is as simple as transferring the plants you want to plant into the soil and watering it until the soil is dry.


This is great soil for succulents!

No gnat infested, no developing mold, or no killing plants.

 It’s organic.


The amount is about the size of a sandwich bag.

Why Best

Great soil and great value!

The soil is very light and the bag is zip lock to close and super convenient.

Super fast shipping and thankfully perfectly packaged. 

Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix – Premium Pre-Mixed Fast Draining Blend (1.25 Dry Quarts)

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  • PRE-MIXED & READY TO USE – Sifted Prior To Bagging – 1/4 Hard Japanese Akadama – 1/4 USA Pumice – 1/4 New Zealand Pine Bark and 1/4 Haydite.
  • The pH of the soil and water for different types of succulents differ slightly. This is why we recommend you use Peat Moss, Perlite & Sponge Rock Mix in your planters. The drainage and retention of this soil mix is excellent.
  • NON-ORGANIC MIX – This mix is made up of primarily non-organic components (no dirt).  This mix will provide optimal drainage, water retention, nutrient uptake, and air to the roots. This is great for hobbyists who are just learning how to grow in their own grow room or those who have been doing it for years!
  • The Easy Zip ReSealable Bag (EZRB) is an innovative way to bag loose soil. Unlike traditional netted bags, the EZRB allows the gardener to reseal the bag over and over again until they are ready to reorder their soil. No more worry of spilling soil, figuring out how to store overfilled bags, or having to squeeze the excess dirt back into their original bag.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – If you are not 100% happy with this product, we will refund you in full.


Fast draining.

Save a plant life today!

Great for terrariums.

A gritty mix that dries fast.


 It’s expensive but fast-draining soil. 

Why Best

Soaks up extra moisture.

 It has also been soaking up the water it needs to heal.

Miracle-Gro Succulent Potting Mix: Fertilized Soil with Premium Nutrition for Indoor Cactus Plants, Aloe Vera and More, 4 qt.

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Growing succulents indoors is a science. Get the wrong soil, and you’ll kill it. Give it too much light, and you’ll fry it. Not enough water, and it will shrivel up (but only for about a week). They are hard to kill, but not impossible. If you want your easter cactus to live for years beyond just the one after you bring them home from the trendy boutique store downtown {where they were probably purchased at full price}, you need Miracle-Gro Succulent Potting Mix.

  • Created for those who love growing succulents as much as we do, Miracle-Gro Succulent Potting Mix contains the nutrients succulents need to thrive. Plus, it’s guaranteed to grow — or your money back.
  • This succulent potting soil is fast-draining and features a blend of sphagnum peat moss, forest products, and fertilizer for optimal growth. Its crumbly texture makes it easy to handle, retains moisture, and adds necessary nutrients to plants. This product may be used in potting mix applications.
  • Great for helping to grow happy and beautiful succulent varieties like Burro’s Tail, Echeverias, Houseleek, as well as cacti.
  • Certified by the Mulch & Soil Council as a quality product in compliance with industry standards.


Great for helping to grow happy and beautiful succulents.

No issues thus far with gnats or bugs of any kind.

Nothing fancy, but it seems to work well enough. 

Fresh, nutritious & high-quality potting soil!


 The bags are small.

Why Best

 It’s a very airy consistency and feels much lighter in weight.

The soil itself looks pretty great! 

Great for indoor plants.

Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix: Indoor/Outdoor Container Soil with Fertilizer for Plants, Flowers & Vegetables, 8 qt.

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  • The Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix is a potting mix that forces your plant roots to grow twice as big. Lasts two and a half times longer than unfed plants.
  • Feeds up to 6 months.
  • The Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix is specially formulated to help you deliver healthy growing conditions for your plants. This premium potting mix addresses the most common problems of over-and under-watering, while also fighting against stress caused by heat and drought.
  • This soil mixture contains a special moisture control material that will prevent serious damage from occurring to your plants during the driest of times.
  • Absorbs up to 33% more water than basic potting soil.  When it comes to potting soil, the more you know about what you’re using, the better. For starters, potting soil made with sphagnum peat moss absorbs more water than traditional potting soil. And when it comes to good drainage, drainage bags, and pots made with saucers work great!
  • Helps beautify Potted flowers, indoors and out.


The bag is very full but not heavy.

The soil is good; it helps correct for over and under-watering. 

This miracle gro will keep the lock in the moisture it needs!


There is a strong chemical smell that comes from the bags. 

Why Best

Contains peat moss and perlite which lightens the soil.

Some Related Ideas about Easter Cactus

Ideal soil and exposure for the Easter cactus

The Easter Cactus can be cultivated in partial shade or light, but not in direct sun, and without temperatures exceeding 25degC otherwise, it could die.
In the pot, it must be placed in a mixture of leaf compost and fibrous heath soil peat and sand, laid on top of a bed of gravel to allow for drainage.

Date of sowing, cutting, and planting of the Easter cactus

The sowing process in March may be carried out between 21 and 24 degrees Celsius However, the seeds are easy to grow.  So it is recommended to go with that method that is used in the spring or summer months: cut a stem into two segments and allow to dry for a couple of days prior to planting it into an area with an appropriate substrate for the plant. Don’t overwater the plant.

The planting process is carried out in the spring and summer, and repotting takes place after the flower has finished.

Council of maintenance and culture of the Easter cactus

Watering should be done every 10 days during the growth period and then every 3 weeks in winter.

In summer, it can be taken outside in the shade of a tree.

To have beautiful bloom, the Easter cactus must have a kind of rest period; it will have to be at least 12 hours a day in the dark, for 1 month and a half to 2 months before its flowering period. When the buds appear, the watering can gradually increase.

Be careful, this Easter cactus does not appreciate being moved, especially when it has formed its flower buds.

Diseases, pests, and parasites of the Easter cactus

Mealybugs are common in winter.

Location and favorable association of the Easter cactus

It is an indoor plant that is grown in pots or in suspension. In the tropical garden, the Easter cactus can be installed on the ground.

What fertilizer?

From March to September, bring once a month a liquid “orchid” fertilizer after a good watering.

Air humidity

Increased: at least 50%. Mist the foliage every 2 or 3 days when the temperature exceeds 20°C or in winter if the atmosphere is dry (all the more important since watering is limited during this rest period).

What ideal temperature?

Do well in ambient house temperatures. Should never drop below 10°C in winter. Below 16°C, then limit watering (just enough to avoid Easter cactus wilting).

How often do water?

Choose the noncalcareous type of water. It is recommended to drink it every 5-7 days from March through September, without the root ball getting waterlogged (don’t forget to water it throughout the growth! ).
The substrate must be extremely porous. The pots will be tiny and draining (much as you would a succulent) for about one-quarter of their size. The resting time of the Easter Cactus will be in December and November: Remember to drain the saucer thoroughly throughout this time.

When to repot the Easter cactus?

In March – April (after flowering), every 2 years in an acid peat compost and, as soon as all risk of frost has passed, place the pot outside or in a cool, sheltered, shady place. Watch the compost.

How to multiply it?

The cutting of stem segments after flowering, in a sandy substrate, is easy. If you don’t water too much, recovery is 100% guaranteed. Lightly mist occasionally at a temperature of at least 21°C.

Buying Guide

The truth is that no two soils are the same. Depending on where they’re sourced, what they’re made of, and how they interact with other elements in your environment, even the healthiest potting soils can provide an uneven cylinder for your cactus to grow in. If you want to take your Easter Cactus from good to great, it’s time to try a new soil formula.

When choosing soil for your Easter Cactus, remember that it should be well-draining and nutrient-rich. I recommend using a good quality potting mix with a pH between 6-6.5.


Purchasing the best soil for Easter cactus is paramount to ensure you’re providing your plant with optimal support, water retention, and drainage. We’ve identified four key components to keep in mind when searching for the best soil for your Easter cactus: sand, peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite. These ingredients all come together to help you grow the optimal Easter cactus plant.

The Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix is a safe bet for anyone looking for some great soil for their indoor pot of Easter Cactus. Sure, you could go with something even more basic, but why would you? In any case, if that’s not your taste or preference, then we would wholeheartedly recommend this great option from Miracle-Gro.

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