7 Best Rooting Powder for Cactus to Speed Up Growth

Best Rooting Powder for Cactus

What Are Rooting Hormones?

They are chemical compounds that are hormone-like that we can get from a manufacturer or make by ourselves in a natural manner and get the same results.

This stimulating liquid, powder or gel is the hormone responsible for rooting. It’s used to increase the speed of rooting.

In its synthetic or commercial form, it’s basically indolebutyric, or indoleacetic acid (auxins) as well as others that are found to a lesser or greater degree in the roots.

Have you taken some cuttings from your garden and set them only to observe them die and fall off?

This is where rooting hormones enter the picture. One of the most important aspects of cutting propagation is using auxins, also known as rooting hormones.

If you’ve never tried these and you’re not getting huge gains in the rate of success in propagation.

They act as a catalyst to grow new roots and shield the cuttings from fungus or diseases that could be present through the cutting process.

“Rooting hormones promote faster and stronger root development.

When to Use Rooting Hormones?

These hormones, either in organic or synthetic forms are widely used by gardeners for propagating their plants by cuttings.

Plants are able to make their own hormone for rooting. This is why some plant species can be easily duplicated and some are not so easy.

Certain plants don’t produce enough hormones in the process of cloning, and some are unable to root even without the hormone to stimulate root growth.

The rooting medium is the soil that is used to develop new plants. It’s not garden soil in any sense, however, it is lighter. Actually, it’s probably not soil even a bit.

You can purchase an organic medium for establishing the cuttings, as well as a substrate designed for this purpose and it will be made and referred to as a seedbed substrate.

It is possible to also make a mixture of potting soil pre-moistened (substrate) along with vermiculite, perlite, coco, sphagnum, or sand the moss.

The trick is to select a substrate that holds water and is not too hard for newly sprouted roots.

Types of Presentation of Rooting Hormones

There are three types of presentation of rooting hormones, namely; in liquid, gel, and powder form.

Liquid rooting hormones

The liquid is the most well-known kind of rooting hormone.

If you are using the liquid rooting hormone you must pour it into an alternative container instead of directly submerging the cutting into the bottle.

Then plant in a suitable growing medium.

This stops any infection from spreading to your cuttings. This also keeps your bottle of rooting hormone safe from contamination.

Powdered rooting hormones

This formulation of rooting hormones is more stable and doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

Gardeners who love the garden are fans of powdered hormones since it last longer.

For use to use it, we’ll do the following: We submerge the cuttings into the water so that the powder is able to adhere to and seal the cut region.

Then, pour a portion of the powder into another bowl or dish to avoid contamination.

In the end, dip your moist cuttings into the powder, and shake off any excess. Then, place the cut.

The hormones in powdered form are less effective than in the liquid version, as the area where the cutting may absorb more hormones if they are when it is in liquid.

It is a winner due to its longer shelf-life which makes this kind more profitable.

Because of this, industrial or intensive producers involved when creating plants through cutting utilize the powder extensively even with a less gripping force the cutting.

Rooting hormones in gel

Perhaps, the most popular way to present hormones for rooting is through the gel.

This is why we place the gel in an ice-filled container, and then dip the cut pieces into the gel. It will prevent infection.

The gel will stick to the cutting. After that, we put the cut into a medium for culture, and then it’s done.

Gel forms are more flexible, and provide more comfort as well as greater hormone coverage over the cut.

The better adhesion of the gel section guarantees it is possible for the tissue of plants will take in more hormones.

In each of the three types of presentations, it is essential to ensure that, in the best way feasible the cutting is made at an angle of 45o at its base to provide more surface area and allow the hormones to imprint it thoroughly.

How to Use Rooting Hormone on a Stem Cutting

The first step is to choose the stem. 

  • Using a clean parrot-billed knife or scissors, cut a fresh, healthy stem from the mother plant.
  • Use only cuttings from vigorous, healthy plants that are 3 to 8 inches long
  • Cut off a few top inches of the stem. 
  • The cut must be made close to a node.
  • Remove any leaves or flowers from the node area.

The second step is to apply rooting hormone to the cutting. 

  • Pour some hormones into a container. 
  • Moisten the bottom few inches of the cutting so the rooting hormone can take hold.
  • Dip the bottom inches of the cutting in the rooting powder. 
  • Do not apply the powder higher than the planting depth. 
  • Shake off excess powder by lightly tapping the cut against the rim of the container.

Third step plant the cutting. 

  • Plant the cutting in the growing medium you will be using. This depends on the type of plant you are propagating. It can be potting soil, a substrate for cacti and succulents , peat, etc. 
  • Make a hole in the potting medium with a chopstick or similar tool. Make sure the hole is wide enough that the rooting hormone doesn’t sprout while you sink the cutting into the ground. 
  • Fill in the hole so that the cutting is firm. 
  • Pack the soil around the cut to remove air pockets. 
  • Water lightly and keep at a warm temperature. 
  • Place the cutting in a well-lit spot, but out of direct sunlight. 

Best Rooting Powder for Cactus from Amazon

Have you ever shopped for a cactus and thought this looks easy? My cousin proved that’s not so. He tried to grow a cactus and ended up with a dead plant. That got me thinking about what the best rooting powder for cactus is to help you avoid losing your money on something like this. 

Have you ever wondered what is the best rooting powder for cactus? Maybe your plant has just died and you want to resurrect it or you’re repotting. In this guide, I will go over what is rooting powder, how to use it, and which products are the best options for your needs.

Garden Safe Brand TakeRoot Rooting Hormone, Helps New Plants grow from Cuttings, 2 Ounces, 1 Pack—Best Overall

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A key part of getting a garden started is the ability to propagate plants, and that’s where rooting hormone comes in.

  • PROMOTES ROOTING: The hormone that promotes rooting creates new plants by cuttings.
  • GROW CUTTINGS: Compatible with all the popular greenhouse, home, and garden varieties.
  • ROOT FAVORITE NEW PLANTS: Helps African violets, roses, poinsettias, philodendrons, geraniums, coleus, woody ornamentals and more grow from cuttings.
  • Use this method to cut the ends of your plant: Moisten the plant cutting end, mix the cut into powder, remove the excess rooting hormone, and then the plant.
  • Active ingredient: Indole-3-butyric acid which is similar to the rooting hormone naturally found in plants.


  • Simple, Ready-to-Use.
  • Works well for encouraging clippings to root.


  • work on only fresh cuttings and in water. 

Why Best

  • Shortens the time required to get plant cuttings to root & grow.

HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel, 100 ml — 2nd Best

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  • Clonex is a high-performance, water-based, rooting compound. Clonex is great for rooting soft stems, bulbs, and rhizomes.
  • An important part of any plant’s growth is getting the right balance of macro-and micronutrients to support its development. Young plants need more of the former, while mature plants need more of the latter. It contains a full spectrum of mineral nutrients and traces elements to nourish young roots during their formative stages.
  • Supplies hormones to promote root cell development.
  • Provides vitamins to protect delicate, new root tissue.
  • Clonex helps to promote healthy new root growth and will not burn or sting when sprayed directly onto the stem.


  • Clonex Rooting Gel is a high-performance, water-based.
  • This product works great.


  • The white membrane that is used to seal the bottle is difficult to remove with gloves on.

Why Best

  • You can store clonex in the refrigerator to extend the life.
  • Very well of stimulating rooting.

Bonide BND925 – Bontone II Rooting Powder, Hormone Root Fertilizer 1.25 Oz—-3rd Best

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  • PROMOTES DEVELOPMENT – This powder is used to promote quick root development from cuttings. Simply dip the end of a clipping into the powder and then place it in moist soil, this helps the rooting process of cuttings.
  • The powder is also great for helping plants grow by stimulating plant growth. The powder is made from all-natural ingredients, therefore safe to use on all plants, and is 100% organic.
  • There are a number of uses for this product: -Plant seeds in soil -Take cuttings from plants by dipping the cut surfaces in powder –Put bulbs or eggplant seeds in a bag, add some powder, and shake to coat.
  • WORKS FOR A VARIETY OF PLANTS – Designed for use on azaleas, mums, geraniums, pachysandra, poinsettias, and a wide range of other plants, this product helps so many plants develop roots.
  • IDEAL FOR TRANSPLANTS – When it is time to transplant your plants, you can use this product to help your roots thrive. This rich soil will help you grow strong tree roots and encourage them to spread in their new soil. As long as the trees are healthy and have a wide enough base to hold the weight of the new soil, they should be able to handle the transplant.


  • It’s easy and doesn’t take long.


  • Little less than  100% success with growing roots.

Why Best

  • This stuff definitely makes a difference.
  • The powder is just half of the bottle. There is enough room to dip a knife or small brush in the bottle with no spillage.

Xtreme Gardening HGC721205 Mykos Pure Mycorrhizal Inoculant Organic Root Enhancer, 2.2 lbs, Black

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  • Superior nutrient management. Poor nutrient management can have a devastating effect on your garden’s long-term health.
  • Balances nutrient supply. Plants are made of cells, and the purpose of those cells is to keep the plant alive by keeping itself in balance with its nutrient supply.
  • By spreading Myko’s Pure Mycorrhizal over your soil, you’re giving your plants an adventure of their own. Adding more vitamins and minerals to the soil, it helps your crops to grow healthier roots and sturdier plants.
  • Mykos Pure Mycorrhizal is an all-natural product that increases a plant’s immunity to stress by stimulating its immune system. It does this by bringing about systemic changes within your crops’ genetic makeup. As a result, your plants will possess higher resistance to diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, and viruses. 


  • It is great for transplanting.
  • Application is simple, frugal in amounts needed, and instructions are clear.
  • Decently more roots and faster root growth.
  • Plants seem to be stronger than nontreated plants. 


  • It just is a little bit expensive. 

Why Best

  •  Helps to create a vast root system that allows the plant to absorb more moisture and nutrients from the soil.

Hormex Rooting Hormone Powder #1

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Ever thought about rooting a plant from a cutting? It’s easy with the right tools and a little know-how. Getting a new plant is more satisfying than buying one and it’ll have your personal touch. 

  • FASTEST ROOTING – The quickest method of rooting new plants using cuttings. Find the variety of your plant and powder strength for rooting today.
  • All Grow Mediums – Great for all mediums used in growing. Coco, Rockwool moss clay pellets, soil, and many more.
  • NO BAD STUFF – free of dye, alcohol, and preservatives. It is especially important when the plants are consumed.

  • The most healthy cuttings – Helps cuttings stay in place and prevent sagging, which leads to strong roots and a better chance of transplant success.


  •  Works great on most plants and shrubs. 
  • Works great! 


  •  The powder is not sealed like a medication bottle. 

Why Best

  • The number 8 refers to the amount of active ingredient, .80 percent, not the amount of powder. So the No. 8 – 3/4oz. means the number 8 strength with 3/4oz powder in a bottle.

Clonex Rooting Compound Gel Packets, 15ML

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  • Clonex is a high-performance, water-based, rooting compound. Clonex is an all-in-one solution that will lead to healthier young plants with a greater chance of survival.
  • It contains a full spectrum of mineral nutrients and traces elements to nourish the young roots during their important formative stages. These nutrients are derived from mined minerals, not synthetic chemicals or extracted from living organisms as with many other liquid organic fertilizers.


  • The product really works great. 
  • The design of the package is well-executed.


  • This package is small.

Why Best

  • This product is stellar! 
  •  It is really a no-brainer! 
  • Clonex shipped quickly.

Clonex Hydrodynamics Rooting Gel, 100 ml & Root Riot Bag of 50

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  • Clonex is a top-performing water-based, rooting gel.
  • It’s a tough gel that will stay within the stem, sealing cut tissue while supplying hormones necessary to encourage the development of root cells and vitamins to safeguard the new, delicate root tissue.
  • Clonex is a complete source of trace elements that nourish young roots in their vital development phases.


  • great source of all quality products at the lowest cost.

Why Best

  • Clonex is as far as the best rooting agent for clones.


What Is the Best Natural Rooting Hormone?

The most popular rooting hormone for houseplants is willow water, which is a mixture of willow bark, water, and vinegar. However, there are other ways to encourage your plants to root. For example, some people believe that the natural rooting hormone for houseplants is saliva. Yes, that’s even over cinnamon, willow water, or apple cider vinegar!

The enzymes in human saliva help your plant’s roots grow by breaking down the starch in its food (the cellulose) so it can be absorbed by the plant. But why would you want to give such an intimate gift to a plant? 

What Is the Best Homemade Rooting Hormone?

You’re not a plant, but you’d still like to grow new hair, right? If you’re trying to use natural methods of growing your hair out, you may have tried a homemade rooting hormone. Rooting hormones are easy to make. You’ll need organic vinegar like apple cider vinegar and water. The amount of water will depend on how many roots you want to grow.

What’s best is that you can create this rooting hormone in the safety of your home with ingredients you already have in your cabinets. There are no harmful chemicals, so it makes sense that people would try this method before resorting to synthetic chemicals or sticking their heads under the hot hair dryer.

Some people swear that this homemade rooting hormone works better than any other they’ve tried. Others say it’s just as good and less expensive than the chemical ones at the store. But with some experimentation, you might find what works for you.

 A teaspoon of vinegar in 5 to 6 cups (1.2-1.4 L.) of water is enough.


Without a doubt, using rooting powder is the most effective way to get your cactus to root quickly. Just make sure the product you choose is labeled specifically for use on cacti. And one more tip: make sure the instructions are clear on how to use it properly. Garden Safe Brand TakeRoot Rooting Hormone, for instance, comes with thorough directions that walk you through the process step by step. You’ll notice impressive results as early as after planting your cuttings in proper soil and giving them adequate sunlight.

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