Best Fertilizer for Saguaro Cactus: Tips from A Saguaro Gardener

best fertilizer for saguaro cactus

When I decided to grow more Saguaro cactus in My Cactus garden, I started to feel the necessity of my grandparents’ wisdom about saguaro cactus. Because they first planted saguaro in this garden.

So I  contacted a gardener who is an expert in fertilizing the saguaro cactus.  I had a conversation with him and he answered all my questions.  

Saguaro cactus don’t need any modern fertilizer but you can use feces of various animals like:

  • Chicken manure, 
  • Horse cow manure, 
  • Masturd cake fertilizer, 
  • Bone meal.
  • Banana peel

Dilute them and pour it on the soil surface when they are fully decomposed. 

Here, I am going to share all the Q&A  sessions with him. Don’t miss it !!!

What Kind of Fertilizer Is Good for Saguaro  Cactus?

Gardener: Saguaro cacti are not like other cacti; they are very hardy, resistant to extreme environments, and have high-level of protective power. It’s a rare desert plant and can survive without too many nutrients in the soil.

Raw Materials of Saguaro Fertilizer

Moreover, Organic fertilizer is enough for saguaro. It is mainly phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen-enriched fertilizers.

Some common kinds of organic fertilizers are usually used for saguaro cacti:

  • Mastard Cake fertilizer: source of phosphorous
  • Bone meal and hoof horns  fertilizer
  • Feces of various animals: source of nitrogen
  • Plant ash is also good and contains more potassium

For getting more flowers & fruits, some more natural eco-friendly fertilizers  are available:

  • Chicken manure, 
  • Horse cow manure,
  • Mastard cake fertilizer, 
  • Bone meal

What Is the Best Organic Fertilizer for Saguaro  Cactus?

Gardener: Saguaro Cacti fertilizer ingredients are pretty simple. Any good houseplant food like coffee grounds, eggshells, banana peels, and green tea ( diluted to half) that’s higher in phosphorus than nitrogen is a good choice. A 5-10-5 solution can work well. The first number is nitrogen, the second is phosphorous, and the third is potassium.

How  Often Should I Fertilize a Saguaro Cactus?

Gardener: The summer season is the best time to fertilize your saguaro cactus. You should not fertilize for more than 2-3 weeks during this season. And keep balance using fertilizer and abstain from fertilizing during the winter season because it is the saguaro’s hibernation period.

What Is the Best Time for Saguaro Cactus Fertilization? 

Gardener:  From March to October month is the best time for fertilization of the saguaro cactus. Because it is the highest growth period of the saguaro cactus. 

Spring (March, April, May), Autumn (September, October, November), and summer (June, July, August) are the peak time to grow saguaro cacti fast. 

How Do You Make Saguaro Cactus Fertilizer?

Gardener: Whatever ratio you choose isn’t a big issue but make sure that soil mix is well-drained, not retaining water. Just follow the following list to make your organic  fertilizer & compost:

  • Coarse sand -70%
  • Soil with high grit content-20%
  • Perlite-10%
  • Some manure

Besides this, you should use organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizers provide a rich source of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and other essential minerals. One is a high balance ratio: 10-10-10, 10% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus, 10% potassium.  Another one is a low balance ratio: 5-10-5; houseplant ideal fertilizer. Whenever you purchase fertilizer you should check this ratio on the cover package.

Find Good Fertilizer for  Saguaro Cacti I Below Are Some of the Best Fertilizers.

  • Pokon: is a complex, balanced fertilizer for saguaro and succulents. I’ve seen rapid growth of plants, flowering and other positive effects when it’s introduced to their environment.
  • “Good Power”:  This is a balanced plant fertilizer enriched with vitamins B1, PP – these are all substances needed for the growth and flowering of saguaro .
  • “Etisso” is a liquid plant fertilizer from Germany. It’s been shown to accelerate the development of saguaro , as well as improve their immunity. It contains a wide variety of nutrients that are quickly absorbed by the plants’ soil, providing them with exactly what they need. You can buy it from
  • “Bona forte” – liquid fertilizer that is rich in potassium (7%), phosphorus (5%) and nitrogen (3%). It also contains succinic acid and 9 other essential nutrients that promote plant growth. It is available on
  • “Agricola” is a dry organic fertilizer with no chlorine. You need to water it in before applying. Suitable for saguaro cacti, succulents, and assorted plants in general.” Ebay marketplcae is selling it now.
  • “Master” – powdered fertilizer mix for cacti. It is diluted in water according to the instructions before use. It contains a lot of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Get it from amazon.

  • ‘Flower Paradise’ is a specially-engineered soil that is perfect for cacti and succulents. Dilute it in water before you use it on your plants. Here you can check it’s price.
  • Many people avoid buying fertilizers since they come with the added cost of the packaging. But for household cacti, you can make your own fertilizer at home without needing any specialist knowledge. Dry eggshells contain a lot of calcium, which is useful for the formation of Saguaro plants, but also reduces earth’s acidity. Don’t take raw eggs, you should rinse them, let them dry and then grind them. You can then add it to your soup.
  • To make a broth for 3 liters of water, you need to put a handful of crushed eggshells into the pot. Let it stay there for 5 days to obtain a rich and tender broth. You should keep the jar open and only cover it with gauze. After infusion, the solution can be used to fertilize cacti, alternating with regular watering.

  • Wood ash is rich in potassium, phosphorus. Introducing wood ash into the ground can stimulate lush new flowering, enhanced growth & better root development.1:3 Ash and water – infused for 3 days (use every 2 weeks).
  • Here are a few things that you should know about yeast: it contains a complex set of amino acids and minerals that help their roots develop. You can use a 100g packet of fresh yeast to make a tonic that feeds two gallons. It is important not to exceed the recommended dosage which you can find on the packaging of your yeast. You just need 500ml warm water, some sugar, herbal tea or even carbonated drinks, and 5l capacity containers. Stir well so that it dissolves.
  • Onion peel: Mix 4 handfuls of onion peel with 2 liters of water and boil for 5 minutes. Then the mixture cools and is used for watering 2 times a month. The decoction, a complete food providing complete satisfaction, must be used sparingly so that the cacti may grow well.
  • This is one of my favorite tools when it comes to cooking and improving the taste of my dishes. It’s cheap and easy to make. I recommend you try it out in your own kitchen! Put the potatoes in water for a few minutes. After they’re done, use the resulting liquid to water your cacti. Water it about once a month.


Saguaro cactus don’t need so much care and so much artificial fertilizer because it can care for itself. Just give and use your kitchen and yard’s wastages. Because that wastage is enriched with nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.

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