5 Best Fake Cactus for Your Home Decor

If you are one of those people who love plants but, the responsibility of maintaining them is not your cup of tea, then this article is for you. We have reviewed the 5 best fake cactus plants that are perfect for your home decor. These artificial cactus plants will add life to any dull corner in your home.

Jelofly Fake Plants Artificial Succulent Plants Assorted Decorative Faux Succulent Potted Fake Cactus Cacti—- Best Overall

Jelofly Fake Plants Artificial Succulent Plants Assorted Decorative Faux Succulent Potted Fake Cactus Cacti Plants Gray Pots, Set of 5

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Lifelike Artificial Plants with Pot: MoonLa Artificial succulent plants look real enough and are more lifelike and naturalistic than others in the market due to Advanced Materials: PE Leaf, an Aging Teated wooden pot with simulated soil.

Home and Office Decor: Fake Succulents Perfect to display on your bookshelf, living room mantle, coffee table, dining room table, cabinet, counter space, desk, kitchen, window ledge, foyer, and any other place to bring more lifelike colors and organic style.

Long Life Span: Our Fake Cactus Mini Succulent Plants. No need to maintain or care for them, neither will die nor fade, which remain just as fresh-looking and beautiful year after year; Please don’t put the pots in the water.


  • They’re the perfect size for space fillers on my bathroom shelves.
  • They don’t look extremely fake or super bright.
  • But these are not only cute but realistic as well.
  • Each pot is balanced so you won’t need to worry about knocking them off easily.
  • They might be small, but they are cute and very natural looking.
  •  Great price too. They were very well packaged.
  •  a wonderful solution for those wanting an easy, but free decor addition while not having to worry about bringing in a poisonous plant in the house for a cat.
  • Perfect for small spaces or floating shelves.


  • The only “problem” is that a couple of them have a white, powdery substance on them. 
  • They are extremely small.

Coitak Artificial Succulent Plants Potted, Assorted Decorative Faux Succulent Potted Fake Cactus Cacti Plants with Pots—-2nd Best

Coitak Artificial Succulent Plants Potted, Assorted Decorative Faux Succulent Potted Fake Cactus Cacti Plants with Pots, Set of 5

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Look Real and Eco-Friendly: Artificial succulent plants are made of high-quality ABS plastic materials making them look real, lifelike colors, and simple design add an artistic and natural touch to desired spaces.

Maintenance and Hassle-Free: Faux succulent plants need no maintenance, neither will die nor wilt. Enjoy the natural beauty of the plants without dirtying your hands!

Home and Office Decor: These beautiful artificial plants with pots match different decor styles, perfect for decorating small spaces, mantles, bookshelves, side tables, nightstands, desks, coffee tables and more.

Best Choice of Gift Item: These succulent plants are durable, adorable and the perfect gift for housewarming parties, holidays, birthdays, and special occasions.


  • Great size, the pots are a great muted grey/clay color.
  • Very realistic and exactly the size indicated!
  • They look real and are of good quality.
  • A great way to add a little greenery to your home without having to worry about keeping them alive.
  • Be aware they are tiny, for small spaces.


  • They feel very light.
  • The product is nice but a lot smaller.

caqpo Artificial Succulents – 15 Pack – Premium Unpotted Succulent Plants Artificial – Realistic Textured Succulents – Fake Succulent Plants for DIY – Faux Cactus Plant Bulk – Feaux Succulent Plants—-3rd Best

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DECORATIVE Fake Succulent Plant Set –Create lush greenery with these DECORATIVE Fake Succulent Plant Set. With 15 faux cacti, you can create lush greenery for your patio, balcony, or any indoor space you desire. These succulents create a beautiful ambiance and style for your room.

ELEGANT – Handmade Craftsmanship – Once you see the gorgeous and realistic plant-life creations of ELEGANT, it’s hard to look at the typical plastic succulent in the same way. These hand-painted, artificial succulents take a variety of forms that mimic nature’s best, including elegant swirls, intricate patterns, and authentic textures.

NATURAL LOOKING – Our artificial succulents are crafted with the utmost attention to detail, right down to their smallest leaves. We use pet-safe, odorless plastic in the creation of our artificial succulents to ensure they boast realistic colors, intricate design qualities, and long-lasting durability. Our succulent plants are designed to express the diverse natural beauty found within this vibrant genus of flowering plants. 

BEAUTIFUL GIFT SELECTION – Succulents are a super trendy gift idea right now. It’s not hard to see why. From the tiniest cacti and air plants to the most colorful trailing vines, succulents are a perfect gift for any occasion.


  •  Nothing would grow in this planter so this was the perfect solution!
  •  This is a really great set because of the variety and colorations of succulents.
  • They blend very nicely.


  • It has a strong chemical smell and it has extra plastic on the edges.
  • Extremely large and rubbery.

Set of 3 Succulents Plants Artificial Realistic Looking Mini Fake Cactus in Paper Pulp Pot Indoor Succulent Plant for House Office Desk Decor

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Lifelike fake plastic plant out of nowhere came a brand new kind of fake plant—one that could fool anyone into thinking it was real! And now you can have your very own lifelike fake plastic plant that remains looking fresh year after year, without the maintenance of a real 

Every potted fake plant measures 3.2inches tall, and the paper pulp pot is 2.2 inches in diameter.

Decor–  If you’re looking to bring some greenery to the interior decor of your home, kitchen, office, desk, bedroom, bookshelf, or any place where there is no natural light coming through then we highly recommend this artificial snake topiary plant. It will give you the feel of being surrounded by trees in a garden without having to worry about watering them or trimming their branches.


  • A rejuvenating and beautiful decorative accessory.
  • Artificial topiaries will lend a heartwarming charm and splendor to it.
  • The Price is good and it’s got some weight and pretty color to it. 
  • Good quality looks real enough and the pot is good quality also.
  • The planter itself is attractive and neutral enough to go with most decors. 


  • Looks extremely fake. Not realistic looking like other artificial plants. 

EBUYOM 2 PCS Mini Artificial Succulents Plants Unpotted Faux Cactus Fake Succulent Bouquet Arrangements Faux Plants DIY for Garden Decor Home Decoration Greenery Set (Mini Cactus)

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For those who are passionate about gardening and want to incorporate it into their home decor, the idea of an indoor garden must be enticing. Planting succulents or ferns or any other type of plant can be a beautiful way to bring nature into your home whenever you want. 

Real touch decorative artificial succulents the real touch decorative artificial succulents plants are made of high-quality hard plastic and natural color, decorated with moss, the texture and the shape of these plants are really close to the natural one. It has a long vivacious life which is much longer than the common succulent. The most important is the space-saving and easy to take care of.

The lifelike succulent stems plants-The realistic-looking succulent stem plants are made of high-quality plastic. These lifelike plants are green, branchy, and very realistic looking, with thick, soft leaves that are very easy to wipe clean. These beautiful plants are perfect for home decoration, perfect for the interior of your home or office. They will give your living space a touch of elegance and can be a lovely gift for your friends.

Faux plant arrangements look like artwork, plants are not just practical, they are also beautiful. You can put them in your every room, and even make them become art by yourself. Faux plants are not only good for decoration purposes, but also they could make your room healthier than real plants.

Faux plants don’t need much attention, just a little water and they will survive in your house for a long time. Besides, these artificial green flowers and trees are easy to be cleaned, you can just wipe them by damp cloth or drop them into the water to clean. plants are a perfect choice for people who may be allergic to real plants.

This fake greenery succulent floral arrangement set is easy to carry and clean with water and dry cloth, plants feel real to touch, can be conserved for several years, and give you a sense of beauty and a good mood in a day.


  • Material: made of high-quality plastic.
  • These fake succulent plants don’t need water or sunlight.
  • These are great they look real.
  • Looks real. Much better than the live ones.


  • These are cute however they are pretty tiny.
  • These were certainly not mini.


To sum it all up, the Jelofly faux cactus is a versatile fake plant that you can use to make your home more beautiful. The different décor items are perfect for use in your private or commercial space indoors and outdoors. They make great gifts as well. This is an ideal statement piece that will fit nicely in any room of your home. The best thing about this cactus is its low maintenance and reusable nature.

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