5 Best Christmas Cactus for Your Home Decoration

Christmas cactus is perfect for interior decoration in the winter season. They can survive at low temperatures, don’t need a lot of sun to grow, and brighten up the entire room. Besides, most of them are easy to grow and quite suitable for beginners. Now let’s take a look at 5 Christmas cactus varieties that you should consider for home decoration.

Red Christmas Cactus Plant – Zygocactus – Best Overall

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  • Blooms between Thanksgiving and Christmas are a great, low-maintenance way to add some color to your home as the days grow short.
  • The Christmas cactus prefers the morning sun or very bright indirect light. Although the plant will tolerate lower light conditions, flowering will be sparse. 
  •  It needs water only when the soil feels dry, and this should be done with care so as not to disturb the roots. 
  • One of the most popular Christmas gift items is “Christmas Cactus”. 

The Christmas cactus is native to the South American jungles. 

The flowers bloom once a year and come in shades of fuchsia, yellow, salmon, pink, white, orange, red and sometimes will even have a combination of the colors. 

Keep it away from heaters, fireplaces, radiators, furnace ducts, and other heat sources. It’s best to keep them in an area that doesn’t get much direct sunlight.

The only time you’ll need to water your Christmas cactus is when the soil is completely dry—do not over-water. Keep in mind that this plant naturally grows in desert habitats and won’t survive being over-watered or kept too moist for too long. The water should be cool and never come from a hot faucet

Allow at least 14 hours of total darkness for the plant at night and sun during the day, until the buds begin to form. Start the dark period in early September. Once the buds form they can take from 10 to 12 weeks to fully bloom. 

The plant grows quite rapidly, so you’ll want to trim it lightly once or twice a year to encourage branching and more blooming. Repotting should be done in the spring.


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Pink Christmas Cactus Plant – Zygocactus 

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  • The pink Christmas cactus plant, also known as the Zygocactus, is an easy-to-grow house plant that can be found in the homes of many people across the world. 
  • Light: This cactus prefers some sun, but it can survive with less daylight than many varieties. Many people prefer to place their Zygocactus in partial shade to protect it from the harshest sunlight and heat.
  • Keep soil evenly moist but not soaking wet. That means that you should water only when the potting mix is dry about an inch below the surface of the soil.
  • Proper care will bloom between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


  • Well packaged in a plastic bag surrounding the dirt, held in by rubber bands.
  •  delivered in healthy condition with multiple buds!
  • Easy to care for.
  • recommend for the beginner who loves cactus.
  • Blooms around Late Oct-January depending on your region.
  • Very pretty plant. 
  • The plant is packaged very well. Cellophane kept the dirt from falling out of its 4 in a pot. 


  • This plant is small but healthy. 
  • Plant in good shape just needs to be careful when packing in peanuts.

White Christmas Cactus Plant – Zygocactus

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  • Easy to grow. Blooms between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Prefers morning sun or very bright, indirect light.
  • Water when dry.
  • Immediate Shipping. The plant you will receive is growing in a 4″ pot.
  • buds are very fragile, so while in this phase of growth – keep somewhere away from children, pets, and active adults.


  • . It’s lush, full, budding, and has one completely open white flower with a bit of pink inside. 
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Yellow Christmas Cactus Plant – Zygocactus

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Plant or Animal Product TypeChristmas Cactus
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Item Weight5 Pounds
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  • Nicely packaged so it is unharmed with the soil where its supposed to be. 
  • excellent size and quality.
  • the color is so pretty.


  • Healthy but no buds.

American Plant Exchange Christmas Cactus Zygocactus Live Plant

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Christmas cacti are a popular houseplant for good reasons. These beautiful plants produce colorful, tubular flowers in pink or Lilac colors that can be very long-lasting and make them one of the best flowering indoor plants around. Christmas cacti are also known as Thanksgiving.

Christmas cacti aren’t like other cacti. They’re epiphytes, which means they prefer to grow in humid environments like rainforests. So, contrary to popular belief, Christmas cacti should be watered rather than left to dry out!

  • The traditional Christmas cactus, Schlumbergera bridgesii, has co-opted the holidays for years.
  • The Small, flat green stem segments are smooth, except for the toothed edges. There are no spines such as seen on many desert cactuses. The flower buds form at the tips of the topmost segments.
  • It is an easy-care, flowering plant that can live for 100 years, being passed on from generation to generation. With each passing year, a Christmas Cactus gets bigger and more impressive.
  • Place your Christmas Cactus plant in bright indirect light but never direct sun. Christmas Cactus can live in medium to low light.
  • Seasons: Winter.


The Red Christmas Cactus is quite a unique plant in the fact that it has to be treated differently than other cacti. This is a popular holiday plant used to give color and cheer to homes during the holiday season. It is best planted in the spring for full bloom around the time of the holidays.

The Christmas Cactus, also known as Zygocactus, is a flowering type specimen of the Crassula family and enjoy popularity as houseplants. These cacti are native to Mexico and Latin America and are treasured for their decorative potential in homes. Although they are not considered an endangered species, there are many conservation efforts used to preserve these lovely desert plants.

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