8 Best Cactus Peeler with Reviews (3rd One is the Killer One)

Best Cactus Peeler

The word “cactus” may strike fear in your heart and make you wonder if there is a way to peel the skins off their fruits without hurting yourself. The answer is yes! With the right tool, it is not only possible but incredibly safe. That is why we’re going to help you choose the best cactus peeler out there that will make it possible to save your hands from getting punctured with thorns.

For safe and efficient cactus peeling, you need a cactus peeler. This handy kitchen utensil has a wide blade and curved points to remove stubborn thorns with ease. It also won’t cut your hands like a normal peeler would because it’s got protective covers on each end. 

A good cook always needs the best kitchen tools, especially when you’re doing prep work! That’s how we came up with this list of best cactus peelers.

Simple Vegetables Steel Quality Color Stainless Solid High Noodle Kitchen,Dining & Bar Cactus Peeler Tool

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This stainless steel noodle and pasta maker is made of high-grade material, cactus peeler style. Durable, multifunctional, and good-looking. It’s strong enough to handle hard dough-making noodles or pasta. Lightweight, portable, and easy to handle.

You can peel the fruits and vegetables effortlessly with the cactus peeler. It is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable to use. At the same time, it is solid and reliable in quality. You’ll like this peeler when you get to use it.

Material: Made of high-quality stainless steel, solid and durable.

 A Cactus peeler helps you to easily peel radishes, potatoes, carrots, and other root vegetables. Stainless steel blades will stay sharp for a lifetime of use. The soft handle is comfortable to hold and easy to clean.


Easy and convenient to use.

Design cut noodle fruit effortlessly.


Small size.

Why best

Brand new and high quality.

Made of stainless steel.

Cactus Peeler (Pelador de Nopales) – 1 unit

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If there is one thing everyone will agree on, it’s that cutting cactus with a knife is just asking for trouble. Getting your nopales prepped and ready to cook should be fun, and not something you have to dread every time.

 With a full range of kitchen tools, Pelador de Nopales can contribute to your cooking experience, allowing you to spend less time in the kitchen preparing meals, and more time with family and friends.

Designed to improve your peeling experience, this pelador de nopales is a natural scrapbook for your cactus. 

Now you can enjoy your favorite tacos and burritos without worries about cutting yourself.

 Its innovative design provides structure and rigidity, making it easier to handle and safer to use than the traditional wooden board.

 Don’t settle for anything less than a well-designed product that will fulfill all your cooking needs!


It’s a good product a lot faster than using a knife to peel cactus.!

Easy firm grip handle and sharp blade.

Durable blades, high-grade stainless steel.

Built using Food-Safe ABS plastics to keep your food clean & chemical-free.



Why best

Designs and compatibility to serve you with comfort in your cooking lifestyle.

No batteries or AC outlet is necessary.

Slip, slide, & store your Truffle Slicer instantly into your very own Fabric Bag.

BEST: Spring Chef Premium Swivel Vegetable Peeler, Black

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 Smoothly peel fruits and vegetables with precision with the Spring Chef Premium Swivel Peeler! 

Whether you’re peeling herbs, tomatoes, lemons, or potatoes, this peeler makes the job effortless. 

The dual stainless steel blades stay ultra sharp and swivel to glide along with ease. 

This peeler boasts a built-in blemish remover for potatoes and has a non-slip comfort handle for a secure grip. 

 Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, it is also built to last with ultra-sharp stainless steel blades that stay sharp and will not rust.

The Spring Chef Premium Swivel Peeler is a high-quality vegetable peeler that flips, slices, and strips skin off of fruits and vegetables with ease. 

This peeler reliably peels off thin to thick skins whether they are soft or hard. With the smooth blade, you will easily glide through even the toughest cactus without having to apply too much pressure.

The peeler can remove the thin outer layers of fruits and vegetables, including skin, twine, and wax, among others. Its ability to make quick work of your produce prep means less time cutting and more time cooking or snacking.

Spring Chef Premium Swivel Peeler is the perfect kitchen companion for your Spring Chef Premium Knife. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and can be operated with just one hand safely and securely. 

A lifetime warranty means that we are confident about the quality of this swivel peeler.

The non-slip rubber handle is comfortable for both right and left-handed use and makes peeling enjoyable. Includes hole for easy hanging.


Equipped with a dual stainless steel blade, the Spring Chef peeler is designed to stay sharp even after repeated use.

The sharp blade peels smoothly without jamming.

 The dual stainless steel blades won’t clog thanks to Smooth Glide Technology.

The unique handle design lets you grip the peelers with ease, even with wet hands. 

Dual Stainless Steel blades stay ultra-sharp so you can peel right the first time. 


It’s extremely sharp.

Why best

Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

It is also easy to control and grip and clean up.

There is no catch and no risk to you. 

The blades glide along the surface of produce ever so smoothly, allowing you to peel effortlessly. 

Amazon Basics 2-Piece Peeler Set, Soft Grip Handle, Grey and Green

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The AmazonBasics 2-Piece Peeler Set is made of high-quality materials and built to last. This peeler set features a soft grip handle that’s comfortable to hold and easy to clean. You can use the smaller peeler to make precise cuts in fruits and vegetables or use the larger peeler for peeling cactus,  potatoes, carrots or other varieties of fresh produce.

 It has durable stainless steel blades for peeling fruits and vegetables. They have soft, comfortable handles which are made of rubber.

Non-slip, soft-grip handles for steady control. Dishwasher safe and an excellent addition to any kitchen, they are built to last.

Includes swivel blade and serrated blade peelers.


 They make the process so much quicker and they’re easy to clean. 

Extremely sharp and comes with a blade protector. 

Dishwasher-safe peeler that helps in easy cleaning and maintenance.


 It clogs like any other y peeler, but easy enough to keep peeling through the clog.

Why best

They peel so easy it’s like you’re ice skating when peeling items.

It is extremely razor-sharp.

Amazon Basics 3-Piece Peeler Set, Soft Grip Handle, Grey and Green

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3-Piece Peeler Set, Soft Grip Handle, Grey and Green These peelers are comfortable to hold and easy to use.

These peelers are also lightweight to further reduce possible strain on your hands while slicing or peeling fruits and vegetables.

Made from high-quality rust-resistant stainless steel, these peelers feature a soft grip handle that’s comfortable to hold while offering improved control and force.

They are also great when preparing ingredients for dinner or dishes and come with a comfortable soft grip handle that is extremely easy to hold. They include protective covers that keep the blades sharp, so you can enjoy a high-quality peeler for years to come.

Includes swivel blade, serrated blade, and julienne peeler; potato eye remover

Dishwasher safe.


Features 3 different blades that helps in convenient usage for all vegetables.

It seems sturdy and washes well in the dishwasher.


 It is also very sharp and the blade moves around alot.

Why best

This serrated Y peeler works great and it’s very easy to use.

Amazon Basics Serrated Peeler with Protective Cover, Soft Grip Handle, Grey and Green

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Serrated blade peeler tool for removing skin from fruits and vegetables. Serrated peeler with protective cover, soft-grip handle, and grey/green finish.

 The serrated blade allows you to cut through skin smoothly while the soft grip handle absorbs pressure. This peeler also includes a protective cover to protect the blade when not in use.

Includes a serrated blade ideal for peeling softer, waxy fruits and vegetables such as plums, peaches, tomatoes, and more

The protective cover can just be thrown in the dishwasher and comes off for easy cleaning. I have had no problems with this peeler.


It is very easy to use.

It is very sharp, so we don’t need much pressure to peel.



Why best

 It could be used for either the right or left hand.

CDNGELO Professional Fruit and Vegetable Peeler Set of 2 for Potatoes, Apples, Kitchen Rotary Serrated Potato Peelers

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It is a high-quality swivel straight peeler and serrated peeler set. It has three kinds of blades for different peeling requirements:speedslime peeler, straight vegetable peeling blade, serrated blade. 

The 304 stainless steel blade is sharp and durable with a long use time.

 This peeler can be used to remove peels of fruits and vegetables quickly without scratching them or damaging surfaces.

This 2-piece set of potato peelers all come with built-in eye removers. They can pull out eyes and blemishes on fruits and vegetables easily, including peaches, zucchini, apples, and carrots.

Our CDNGELO high-quality peeler adopts a unique ergonomic design. The comfortable non-slip soft handle has a good grip and feels very convenient to use. Features: 1. This apple peeler corer slicer is easy to use, fast and simple. 2. It is of high quality, safe, and easy to clean. 3. A perfect helper for your kitchen to prepare fruits such as apples or pears in different styles for dessert or daily dishes. 4. With this durable and practical peeler you will enjoy eating healthy food every day!


Very sharp. They work great.

Very easy to handle.

Easy and very even.

They peel so quickly and easily.


There is probably no way to improve the design. 

Why best

 It fits the hand very well.

 The angle of the cut is made into the blade so that every slice is as efficient as possible.

Honbay Sharp Multifunctional Stainless Steel Wooden Handle Knife Fruits Peeler Vegetables Knife Fish Scales Scraper Bottle Opener

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Fruit and vegetable peeling machines adopt the pneumatic principle, automatic fruit, and vegetable loading and unloading, no wastage of fruits and vegetables, low noise, and high efficiency. The peeling rate is more than 95%.

Package includes: 1 pcs multifunctional knife.

Material: stainless steel + wood.

Handle length: 9cm/3.54inch; Total length: 21cm/8.27inch; Blade width: 4.2cm/1.65inch.

Peel some fruits and vegetables, such as cactus, apples,  prickly pears, pineapples, sugarcane, potatoes, pumpkin, and lotus root.

Also can be used to cut vegetables, scrape fish scales, and open bottle caps.


The multi-function is easy to use.

Its hanging handle makes your kitchen more Neat and tidy.



The blade handle is not strong compared to ordinary products.

Why best

Durable and easy to use.

It doesn’t look messy without putting in a lot of tools.

It has just the right weight, a comfortable and beautiful handle, and a durable blade.


Despite the fact that it’s a simple, everyday kitchen tool, this peeler is far from ordinary. By allowing them to safely and efficiently peel veggies with almost no effort, the Spring Chef Premium Swivel Vegetable Peeler can help you get your health back on track. And that’s just one of the ways that it can improve your cooking skills in the kitchen.

The high carbon Stainless Steel blades are extremely high quality and will work well for many years of peeling. The ergonomic handle is comfortable and provides a better grip than many of the other Cactus Peelers on the market. With this option, you’ll never have problems with slipping and cutting yourself again!

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