About Me

I am a cacti lover, cacti researcher, and cactus blogger. Those who are lovers of nature and believe that nature can heal you & feel you to them are most welcome to My Cactus Garden. I am on a mission to change the world; a world where everyone will love plants.

I’ve been growing cactus since 2018. When I bought my first cactus I was excited and completely clueless. I had seen cacti in my friend’s garden and I feel an inner pull to them. So one day in March I bought some cactus babies from my friend.

God knows well. He started to guide me to plant cacti and write about cacti. I believe it is a synchro destiny otherwise how can I do so while I was on another track.

I started growing smaller plant species and propagating them with personal attention. In a year, my collection had expanded to include over 100 plants!

It is difficult for humans to live up to expectations, but I made a lot of mistakes and had a few lucky escapes along the way.

More and more people are turning to cacti as their indoor houseplants. Unfortunately, many of them end up burying them alive or killing them by neglect. I created this site so that you can save your cacti from the same mistakes I did with mine.

As per modern science, plants can feel you, heal you, and more importantly hear you. Taking care of plants is a rewarding experience. I know how much peace, happiness, and wisdom can bring to your life.