8 Best Fertilizers for Easter Cactus (Reviews)

Best Fertilizers for Easter Cactus

You’ve bought yourself an Easter Cactus; you’re thrilled, but now the most important part begins — keeping the plant healthy and happy. Fertilizer is an essential part of Easter Cactus care, making sure they get esthe sential nutrients they need while they grow. Here are my recommendations on which fertilizers to use, depending on where you live.

For Easter cactus care you need to know how to fertilize your cactus properly. This can be difficult because there are many types of fertilizers and different fertilizing schedules. It is also important to know how much of the fertilizer to add. Some fertilizers should be diluted. In this post, we will look at the best ways to fertilize Easter cacti and a few recommendations for fertilizers.

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Miracle-Gro Succulent Plant Food, 8 oz., For Succulents including Cacti, Jade, And Aloe, 2 Pack

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Miracle-Gro Succulent Plant Food is specifically formulated to maintain healthy growth and prevent nutrient deficiencies of cacti, aloe and other popular succulents.

Feed every 2 weeks by applying directly to the soil or can mix with water for more dilute application.

It’s easy to over-fertilize succulent plants. Miracle-Gro® Succulent Plant Food instantly feeds cacti, jade, aloe, and other popular succulents. You can apply it directly to the soil or mix it with water.


Easy to use and works really well

They grow spectacularly

Easy pump-style delivery systems.

Easy to use with water or without.


The price can’t be beaten.

Why Best

Depending on pot size a couple of pumps are all you need. 

BEST: Cute Farms Tillandsia Air Plant Fertilizer | Gentle Weekly Use Formula Plant Food with Care Guide | Formulated Nutrients for Air Plants (4 oz. Spray Bottle)

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Cute Farms Tillandsia Air Plant Fertilizer enhances the natural beauty of your air plants by feeding them in the first week of the month.

You can spray this formula directly onto your air plant for the healthiest and most beautiful foliage.

This formula will last 6 months, feeding one air plant each week.

With Cute Farms you receive a simple weekly care guide to follow with step-by-step instructions for best results.

Cute Farms Tillandsia Air Plant Fertilizer is the perfect solution for recharging your air plants.

Spray this weekly use formula directly onto your air plants, and it will promote new growth and help prevent disease.

This atomizer bottle is also great for spritzing plant leaves and other indoor plants for a little extra TLC.


 This is very easy to use.
 They respond very well to the nutrients this spray provides.

They have more trichomes than they did before.

Easy and convenient to use. 


The plants do great on this food but the sprayer sometimes needs to be primed again.

Why Best

 The spray bottle is super convenient and has very fine.

A major transformation in a few weeks of use.

Schultz Cactus Plus 2-7-7 liquid Plant Food, 4-Ounce

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Item Weight4 Ounces
Item FormLiquid
Liquid Volume4 Fluid Ounces

Schultz Liquid Plant Food is a concentrated nutrient, which feeds plants through the roots. Schultz Cactus Plus 2-7-7 liquid Plant Food can be used every time you water your plant(s). Just add 7 drops to each gallon of water and it’s that easy.

Schultz Cactus Plus 2-7-7 Liquid Plant Food gives your cacti and other succulent plants a boost of nutrients. Schultz supplements through the roots so there is no need to over-fertilize, which can lead to the burning of leaves. Just 7 drops every time you water is all it takes, making measuring easy and eliminating waste.


Provides required nutrients.

 It gives them everything they need to thrive.

They all get full sun and water when they are dry! 

Works well for plant health.

Easy to use with the dropper and lasts a long time.

Easy to control the amount being measured. 


The cap must not have been screwed on tight.

Why Best

They turn plants beautiful with new growth.

 Great greening and year-end blooms.

Succulents & Cactus Plant Food – Gentle Long Lasting Formula, Slow Release Fertilizer (Liquid Alternative) for All Potted Succulent, Cacti & Aloe Vera Plants (5 oz)

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A Balanced mix of essential nutrients with low NPK rates to gently feed your live cacti and succulents.

This balanced mix of nutrients has been created to provide your cacti and succulents with just the right amount of nutrition. Our Light application is perfect for both types of plants, helping them grow healthy, loving, and happy through their first year. These are the same products that our growers use in their own display gardens.

9 months worth of Succulent/Cactus Miracle-Gro Potting Mix is exactly what you need to keep your succulents healthy and thriving! Simply poke holes or sprinkle around your pot mix, and water, and watch your plant thrive.

This is a ready-to-use granular powder, just add water! Ready to use all natural soil formula feeds your succulents and cacti for 9 months with just a sprinkle or two. This is perfect for rocks, pebbles, gravel and perlite, so you can easily add organic matter to your pots by mixing in some this product. The powder is also lightweight so it doesn’t weigh down plants as they grow, making them adaptable to all of your watering schedules or changes in climate.

Our air plant fertilizer is expertly formulated to be a long-term nutrient booster for your potted air plants, aloe vera, a string of pearls, desert rose, jade, plumeria, Christmas cactus, burros tail, and more!


Easy to use. 
Great product.
It is the perkiest.
Shipping was very fast.
The product is very easy to use.


 The bag is small but will last a long time.

Why Best

 No gimmicks, just nutrients, and delayed release.
. This plant food is giving them a nutritional boost.

Cute Farms Succulent, Cacti, & Aloe Fertilizer | Gentle Monthly Use Formula Plant Food (Two – 8 oz. Bottles)

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Cute Farms Succulent, Cacti & Aloe Fertilizer is a gentle once-a-month fertilizer for succulents, cacti and aloe. Use it to keep your plants healthy and make them happy! Each bottle contains 6 months of feeding for a large plant.

Attention all Succulent, Cactus and Aloe lovers! This is the perfect fertilizer to help your plants thrive. Our proprietary blend of organic fertilizers is designed to be gentle on your plants while they grow healthy and strong. This 8 oz. bottle can feed all of your succulents for up to one year.


This plant food is incredible and potent.
Very convenient to use.
 This stuff is easy to apply, works great.
The liquid is thick like a gel and stays in place with a pipette.
This is an easy-to-use fertilizer for succulents. 


 The bottles arrive white crusty gunk.

Why Best

This product is very easy to use especially for one whose time is limited.
 A squirt bottle works very well with no clogging or any other problems.

The Andersons PGF Balanced 10-10-10 Fertilizer with Micronutrients and 2% Iron (5,000 sq ft)

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This product is a professional-grade fertilizer, with extremely fine particle size ensuring that every square inch of your lawn/garden receives the same amount of nutrients. The PGF Balanced 10-10-10 Fertilizer by Andersons contains micronutrients and 2% iron to promote root growth.

This formula has been proven over many years to promote healthy green color without grass yellowing or burning.

The PGF Balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer by Andersons also contains calcium nitrate which helps build strong cell walls in plants keeping them looking green longer.

Can be used any time during the growing season but is ideal for spring and fall applications on lawns, gardens and flower beds

The Andersons PGF Balanced 10-10-10 Fertilizer with Micronutrients and 2% Iron contains all quick-release nitrogen to provide the plant with immediate nutrition. It also includes phosphorus, potassium, and iron elements that encourage strong root growth and fruit development.


Reliable, and easy to spread. 
Easy application, works great.
Great early spring fertilizer for the greenest lawn.


Small size distribution. 

Why Best

The small particles dissolve quickly, easily, and completely
Great early spring fast-release fertilizer. 
Great balance of minerals and fertilizer for easter cactus, sufficient for timed use.

Espoma Organic Cactus! Plant Food, Natural & Organic Fertilizer for all Cactus, Succulents, Palm, and Citrus both indoors and outdoors, 8 oz, Pack of 2

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Give your Cactus and Succulents the best start for a healthy life with ESPOMA’s Organic Cactus Plant Food. This natural, non-toxic formula provides essential nutrients to help ensure superior results.

EASY: Simply add ½ cap of Cactus! plant food liquid per quart of water and water your plants. Thoroughly drench the soil of the plant. For best results use every 2-4 weeks.

Espoma Cactus! plant food, natural & organic fertilizer for all cactus is the only liquid fertilizer in our line of cactus fertilizer products. Organic and natural, it contains slow-release potash along with nutrient-rich humates and botanical extracts to feed your plants throughout the growing season.

Contains essential plant nutrients to help plants thrive. Liquid plant food is a vital part of indoor plant care, for plants both large & small. Its low-density formula goes a long way, plus it contains only ingredients that your plants need most.

FAST RESULTS: Espoma organic Cactus! fertilizer for cactus & succulents will help you grow vibrant, larger plants while encouraging new growth & the development of a strong root system in a potted plant.


Nice small size distribution. 
Very easy to use.
 Excellent value for the money. 


It’s a bit expensive for the size you get.

Why Best

This is a top-notch fertilizer for cactus and succulents.
It does stink, but it’s organic.

Cute Farms Tillandsia Air Plant Fertilizer | Gentle Weekly Use Formula Plant Food with Care Guide | Formulated Nutrients for Air Plants (4 oz. Spray Bottle)

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This is our Cute Farms Tillandsia Air Plant Fertilizer, which is made specifically to feed your air plants. The fine mist spray bottle allows you to spray directly onto your plants without harming them. Each 4 oz. bottle can feed one air plant for up to 6 months. It’s a weekly use formula and includes a detailed care guide with every purchase.

Introducing the Cute Farms Tillandsia Air Plant Fertilizer! Our easy-to-use, gentle formula is formulated specifically for air plants. Simply fill your regular spray bottle with water and add 1-2 pumps of our fertilizer. You can go as light or heavy as you’d like. Just don’t overdo it! Your little buddies will love this weekly dose of nutrition. Each 4 oz. bottle can feed one air plant for up to 6 months


This is very easy to use..
It’s a small bottle
Easy and you just need to use it once a week.


 Smells like mildew.

Why Best

This works great on the air plants.

How to Fertilize for Easter cactus

What mineral fertilizer can you add to your Christmas or Easter cactus?

Type of chemical fertilizer

  • uses a soluble or liquid fertilizer that must be diluted in soft water (rain).
  • choose a fertilizer that all 3 main NPK elements are balanced or optionally with more P (phosphorus) and K (potassium) than N (nitrogen). Ex NPK 15/15/15, 10/10/10, 5/5/5… it can be a fertilizer for cacti, orchids, flowers, and tomatoes… but it should not contain too much of the N element.


The dose will be very light, as it happens with orchids because these epiphytic cacti have few needs. Divide the recommended dose according to the concentration of your fertilizer:

if recommended 1 plug of NPK 15/15/15 or 10/10/10 per 1 liter of water. Put only a quarter of a stopper per 1 l.

When to give fertilizer?

Whatever their flowering period is at Christmas, Easter or later, they ultimately have an identical vegetative cycle: they only grow from April to September. 

These cacti will withstand a low fertilizer application only from April to August. And they will only need fertilizer 3-4 times, spread out over this period. Some experienced growers even advise against adding this chemical fertilizer. What if the cactus starts to turn yellow?

Organic fertilizer – simply fertilize by transplanting

The best way to feed your flowering epiphytic cacti is to eventually repot regularly. They appreciate a mix of potting soil ( good quality and no added chemical fertilizers), sand and a little peat moss . This renewed soil is usually nutritious enough for 1 or 2 years. Transplanting is done in the spring for Christmas cacti, and after flowering for Easter cacti and orchid cacti.


Among the eight products, Miracle-Gro Succulent Plant Food is the best fertilizer for Easter Cactus. It is gentle on the plant and doesn’t burn it the way the Miracle-Gro Cactus and Palm Fertilizer does. This product is gentle on your plants and helps with their growth.

Overall, we believe that the Miracle-Gro Succulent Plant Food is the best fertilizer on the market. It’s formulated specifically for cacti and other succulent plants, and it provided clear results in our tests. We hope that this article was useful to you, and we wish you the best of luck with your growing endeavors!

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